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New Car Review: 2016 Audi A6

There is a good reason why an Audi is always one of the most expensive car brands in the world. Not only is it luxurious, but it is dependable and innovative. Moreover, models just keep getting and better. A perfect example is the new 2016 Audi 6. The Car Connection has given the car an… Read More »


Honda Pilot 2016 – New Car Review

Honda may not be a brand you can immediately associate with “luxury,” but it has shown over the years that it can create reliable and time-tested vehicles. It is also not afraid to correct past design mistakes. A good example is the Honda Pilot 2016. The Honda Pilot 2016 is a recently released mid-sized SUV.… Read More »


New Car Review – Chevrolet Trax 2015

Our cities and neighborhoods have changed, and in case you haven’t noticed, things have started to become tinier, from our devices to our homes and, yes, the roads and parking spaces.   For anyone who’s driving therefore, it presents a new challenge: big vehicles may become a lot harder to drive in more urban areas,… Read More »

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