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April 2, 2014

Here is why you should buy your Next Car at Texas Auto Auctions

Filed under: Auto Auctions - 02 Apr 2014
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There are a lot of people in Texas who want to purchase a used car. However, they may not have the time to visit different auto dealerships. For such individuals, Texas Auto Auctions are the best place to …

March 24, 2014

Find Salt Lake County Online Auto Auctions

Filed under: Online Auto Auctions - 24 Mar 2014

The residents of Salt Lake County are in luck as there are public auctions every Friday, unless it is a holiday. There are usually about twenty vehicles for auction each week. Most of the vehicles in the auto …

March 19, 2014

Find Cheap Volvo Cars at Public Auto Auctions

Filed under: Public Car Auctions - 19 Mar 2014

The Volvo Auto Corporation was founded in 1927, and it has become very famous for its safe cars. These cars are built with safety in mind, and that is why they are so popular. Furthermore, they do not …

March 11, 2014

Seized Cars: Buy Cheap at Fremont CA Car Auctions

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 11 Mar 2014
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Seized cars present an excellent opportunity for anyone near Fremont CA to get a cheap, reliable vehicle at car auctions.  The problem most people run into is tracking down when seized car auctions take …

March 4, 2014

Huntington Beach Luxury Seized Cars Sales

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 04 Mar 2014
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With the seized car auctions in Huntington Beach, one does not have to wait for their mid-life crisis to get a luxury vehicle. These luxury seized cars are usually impounded from criminals or tax defaulters. Law enforcement officers …

February 26, 2014

Birmingham Police Car Auctions for Popular SUVs in AL

Filed under: Police Car Auctions - 26 Feb 2014
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Many people will attend police auctions in search of a durable, reliable used police car.  Used police cars have been a hidden secret of taxi companies for decades but over the past several years they have been hot …

February 17, 2014

Attend a Public Car Auction in Lubbock TX

Filed under: Public Car Auctions - 17 Feb 2014
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Public car auctions in Lubbock TX offer a variety of unique opportunities for smart car shoppers.  Anyone who hasn’t been to many will often make simple mistakes which end up costing them a lot …

February 10, 2014

Repossessed Cars for Sale in Chula Vista for Discount Cars

Filed under: Repo Car Auction - 10 Feb 2014
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Repossessed cars for sale in Chula Vista offers an excellent opportunity for savvy car buyers to save money on quality, reliable discount cars.  Banks and other lending institutions which repossess vehicles do not …

January 21, 2014

Online Auto Auctions: Tips and Traps

Filed under: Online Auto Auctions - 21 Jan 2014
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There are a lot of different strategies you can use to gain an advantage with online auto auctions.  Online auto auctions not only offer a great way to save money on a used car …

January 6, 2014

How to Find the Best Auto Loans Now For Your Next Car Purchase

Filed under: Auto Loans - 06 Jan 2014
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One of the most difficult parts of buying a new or used car isn’t picking the right car, but rather getting the best financing for it.  There are so many variables that go into …

December 22, 2013

Sacramento County Government Auto Auctions for Cheap Cars

Filed under: County Auctions - 22 Dec 2013
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Sacramento County plays host to a variety of different types of auto auctions for government that are readily open to the public.  The auctions can include all levels of government, from federal to local, …

December 11, 2013

New Car Review 2013 Audi A4

Filed under: Audi - 11 Dec 2013
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The Audi A4 has consistently ranked towards the top of the upscale midsize cars, although it is rarely considered to be at the top of its class.  There were several key styling changes and …

December 3, 2013

Laredo Motor Vehicle Auctions in Texas

Filed under: Car Auctions - 03 Dec 2013
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There are a number of different ways to go about finding Laredo auctions for motor vehicles in Texas, although some are notably more effective than others.  Laredo features several unique characteristics which make it ideal for participating in motor vehicle …

November 26, 2013

How to Get A Great Deal on US Government Fleet Sales

Filed under: Government Auctions - 26 Nov 2013
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Over the past five years there has been a lot of discussion surrounding how to buy cheap cars at U.S. government fleet sales. Every year, all levels of government will sell off surplus and used government vehicles to the general …

November 18, 2013

Find Cheap Car Deals at Bay Area Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 18 Nov 2013
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There are so many different ways to try and lock down a deal for a cheap car in the Bay Area that the entire process can quickly become overwhelming.  The best way to save time, money, and a lot of …

November 9, 2013

Reputable Online Auto Auctions in Yonkers NY

Filed under: Online Auto Auctions - 09 Nov 2013
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There are a growing number of online auto auctions in Yonkers NY; however this doesn’t mean all of them are reputable.  Online auto auction sites have proven to be an enormous benefit for consumers looking to save money on a …

November 1, 2013

Why Go To Franklin County Govt Auto Auctions In Ohio?

Filed under: County Auctions - 01 Nov 2013
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Residents of Ohio and the surrounding area are afforded an excellent opportunity to attend Franklin County government auto auctions.  These auctions offer an excellent opportunity to save money on a reliable, quality used vehicle.  While these auctions are similar to …

October 23, 2013

Repossessed Cars – How to Spot A Good One

Filed under: Repo Car Auction - 23 Oct 2013
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More people are turning to used car auctions in order to find a high quality luxury cars at lower than retail prices.  Repossession auctions typically offer the best option to get luxury or late-model cars.  This is because most vehicles …

October 15, 2013

Luxury Seized Cars – Find Your Dream Ride in Hialeah FL

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 15 Oct 2013
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If you are in the market for an inexpensive luxury car in Hialeah FL then seized car auctions might be your best option.  Luxury cars can be seized for a variety of reasons however the overall quality remains fairly similar …

October 7, 2013

New Car Review – 2014 BMW 3 Series

Filed under: BMW - 07 Oct 2013
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2013 was a big year for the BMW 3 series because it launched an all-new sedan and wagon.  This year, the coupes are no longer part of the 3 series, but rather have been taken over by the 4 series …

October 2, 2013

US Government Car Auctions In Salt Lake City for Low Prices

Filed under: US Government Car Auctions - 02 Oct 2013
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US government car auctions in Salt Lake City have proven to be consistently reliable for people in search of quality used cars at low prices.  While it is true that government auctions across the country sell vehicles that well below …

September 26, 2013

Bid for Cheap Cars Online In Nebraska

Filed under: Online Car Auctions - 26 Sep 2013
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Trying to bid for cheap cars online in Nebraska doesn't have to be a complicated process.  The key is understanding how online auto auction websites work as well as what to expect in Nebraska.  While everyone has their own process …

September 17, 2013

Dallas County Police Auctions Give Cheap Deals

Filed under: Police Auctions - 17 Sep 2013
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Dallas county police auctions are a great way to find cheap deals on quality used cars.  Over the past several years, Dallas County as slowly transitioned to online auctions in conjunction with their live auctions.  To save time and money, …

September 11, 2013

Buy Cheap Auto Parts at Baton Rouge Car Auctions

Filed under: Auto Parts - 11 Sep 2013
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It has become well-known you can buy cheap cars at Baton Rouge car auctions, but recently more people are turning to these auctions to buy cheap auto parts.  Baton Rouge holds a number of salvage car auctions on a regular …

September 3, 2013

Auto Auction Late Model Car Values and Volume Continue to Climb

Filed under: Auto Industry - 03 Sep 2013
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Over the past year there has been a noticeable trend throughout the auto auction community.  The value and availability of late-model cars has significantly increased.  At the same time, the demand for older cars has diminished.  This creates the perfect …

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