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Auto Industry

US Auto Market Update

Auto sales for Quarter 3 improved 13.8% compared to quarter 3 of 2011. In September alone, industry sales increased by 12.8%, continuing the slow growth that started in July of this year. Jumpstart Automotive recently analyzed recent online car shopping data and discovered a number of interesting trends: Sedans are the most popular segment, with… Read More »

Auto Industry

A Short History of US Autos

It didn’t start with Henry Ford or Ransome Olds.  The modern age of the automobile didn’t really begin until after World War II.  Prior to that time, the automobile was a convenience and a luxury item, not a necessity.  After WW II, in the mid and late forties, automobile production ramped up after the auto… Read More »

Auto Industry

New York International Auto Show 2010

It’s Car Show season again. That magical time of year when car makers dazzle us with their exciting concept cars, and tempting new models. From low-slung supercars, to environment-friendly hybrids. There is sure to be a new model to suit just about anyone. Every year, the New York International Auto Show plays host to more… Read More »

Auto Industry

Upcoming LA Auto Show

Few Auto shows are anticipated more than the upcoming LA Auto show. After a pretty dismal show last year due to the financial state of America’s big three car manufacturers, (Chrysler couldn’t even afford to have lights on their stand) this years show is going to be a watershed. There’s a host of new models… Read More »

Auto Industry

US Auto Industry Rebounds In August

Thanks to the Cash For Clunkers scheme, the US Auto Industry had a bumper month in August.  The increased sales figures were led by a 17% jump at Ford Motor Co. Ford’s sales performance was underpinned by its truck sales which posted its first year-on-year increase in three years. Auto industry sales were boosted by… Read More »

Auto Industry

New Car Sales To Dry Up In Coming Months

The US Government’s Cash for Clunkers rebate program has undoubtedly given the US auto industry the shot in the arm it needed to get it going again.  Many Americans have embraced the program and rushed out to trade in their “gas guzzlers” on a new car.  Car manufactures are hiring new staff to cope with… Read More »

Auto Industry

US Auto Industry On The Up

It appears that the worst of the US auto industries woes are over.  While there has been a lot of pain for all auto industry stakeholders, it seems that the mood of the heart of the US car industry, Detroit, is improving.  With the bankruptcies of Chrysler and GM now passing, increasing optimism is coming… Read More »

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