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New Car Review – 2016 Toyota Prius

Before Tesla, there was the Prius, one of the first hybrid cars to have ever made it to the mainstream, and Toyota is not only banking but also maximizing its wealth of experience by giving the customers what they want.


As expected, it is not only the drivers who like Prius but also car reviewers like Edmunds, which has given the brand-new model a grade of B. It is putting a very high score on fuel efficiency, which it believes to be what the car is really about.


Based on the driving tests conducted by Edmunds, the miles per gallon (mpg) reached more than 61, covering over 400 miles and beating the estimated EPA mpg in city and highway.


Although many factors can affect the overall fuel efficiency or economy of the vehicle, Prius can help users save some cash on gas.


Under Performance, the car has received mostly Bs, which means it can be handled similarly like a regular car except for a few kinks or issues like the acceleration, which feels slow burn. The acceleration horsepower of the 2016 Toyota Prius is also lower than that of the previous model.


The Prius is not the most elegant vehicle in the market, and it is also not the most comfortable either, especially since it does not have lumbar adjustment. This simply means that it does not provide adequate support for the back. Expect some obvious physical exhaustion when driving in long distances.


Nevertheless, this can be offset by ride comfort, where it received an A. Edmunds noticed the fact that the car does not hardly has any feedback when driven over bumps, which implies that it is very steady. It also does not create a lot of noise once it is already in EV mode.


Autoweek, meanwhile, has released a detailed review of the unit, where it noted that many of the parts of the vehicle have been rearranged in order to create a more even distribution of weight. Some of the components have also been made more compact or smaller, allowing them to place the 12-volt battery at the front rather than at the back. This, in turn, provides the vehicle with more storage.


In the end, the review agrees with Edmunds by saying that the newest-released model is a stark improvement from its predecessor, although it is not something that one should choose if they’re looking for a car that has excellent acceleration.


When it comes to price, it currently has a retail cost of at least $24,000, which makes it significantly cheaper than the 2016 Lexus CT. However, if the price proves to be too much for you, you can hunt for older models like 2015 Toyota Prius, which has an estimated trade-in value of $11,000 or something lower if you search in auctions.


Toyota Prius is not the most perfect vehicle – none is – but it certainly knows its priorities. It’s designed as a hybrid, so it must help users save more costs on fuel, and that’s what it is doing.

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