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Honda Pilot 2016 – New Car Review

Honda may not be a brand you can immediately associate with “luxury,” but it has shown over the years that it can create reliable and time-tested vehicles. It is also not afraid to correct past design mistakes. A good example is the Honda Pilot 2016. The Honda Pilot 2016 is a recently released mid-sized SUV.… Read More »


New Car Review: 2015 Honda Fit

Creating a car that simply transports one from point A to point B while still being fun for drivers and profitable for carmakers maybe harder than building a sports car. For consumers, subcompacts also present a tough choice: a couple thousand more will buy you are compact car with more room. That being said, the… Read More »


Motorcycle auctions – Growing trend

It’s this time of the year again where many of us start thinking ..maybe its finally time for that Harley. There are many dedicated motorcycle auctions around the country where you can pick YOUR bike at a well discounted price. Many feel comfortable bidding online so there are indeed plenty of options of making a… Read More »

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