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Where to Find LLV (Long Life Vehicles) For Sale at Auctions

Although the government is in the business of meeting the needs of the people through various services, it is also responsible for securing vehicles in different means mainly to facilitate the execution of important tasks.

Take, for example, the United States Postal Service (USPS), which is in charge of delivering goods and mail across the country. Some places may require a walking postman, but many may need only curb-side delivery, which means the postman simply leaves the letter or the goods at the front of the recipient’s home without having to disembark.

While that may sound easy, it actually requires a special type of vehicle that can navigate different types of terrain and, most of all, various weather conditions. For this reason, the government has entered into a contract for long life vehicles (LLVs).


What Are LLVs?

LLVs are actually light trucks that have been designed by Grunman, which has won the contract specifically for coming up the best vehicle for USPS. What they developed is a truck that has eventually replaced the Jeep DJ.

LLVs are what their name implies – they can last for a very long time. Usually, regular vehicles have a “lifespan” of five years. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle won’t be usable anymore after five years but that their resale value significantly decreases after this period.

Such is not the case of LLVs, which should be able to conquer rain, sleet, snow, and hot summer weather for at least 20 years. In fact, it has already been extended for thirty years more! You can therefore imagine the kind of powerful engine and body the vehicle must have to sustain that long.


Where to Buy Them

USPS has more than a hundred thousand of LLVs, and some of them may already be decommissioned or are no longer used. To get rid of them while maximizing their asset, the government through GSA or the USPS may then sell them through a public auction.

There are different ways to know when these auctions are going to be. First, you can check out the websites of the GSA, USPS, and your state, which can post updates on such activities. You can also call their local offices, as well as subscribe to a listing of online auctions. These websites do no perform auctions but can provide users with an updated list of auctions happening or scheduled within the area or the nearby city or state.


A Few Notes

Considering the lifespan of these vehicles, it’s easy to assume that these are tough and may worth the purchase. They could be, but before you do so, there are couple of things you should know:

  • These vehicles have seen probably the worst of weather and road conditions, which means they may also need serious maintenance within the next few years.
  • They are old vehicles. The last procurement occurred more than twenty years ago, and the government is thinking of either changing or retrofitting the existing vehicles. Others have gradually shifted to minivans. They have also invited manufacturers for new designs of USPS vehicles.
  • They have a different design than regular vehicles. One, they are right instead of left handed. They also don’t have license plates and have a very low fuel economy, as well as no passenger seat.

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