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Buy Your Next SUV at A US Family Car Auction

Thinking of getting an SUV? That may be difficult when you are on a tight budget since most of them are pricey, more so if you decide to buy them brand new. However, if you are intention is to simply get an SUV and you do not mind driving a used one, join a car auction.


But it should not be any auction: go for a family car auction.


What is a family car auction?


A family car auction is a bidding sale of vehicles that have been driven by families. These include SUVs, sedans, and RVs, to name a few. Although families can opt to bring the vehicle to a dealer and get a good price from the sale, they know they can enjoy a better value for it if they join an auction since it is sold to the highest bidder. Further, with many possible bidders, the chances of selling their SUV faster—within one day—are high.


However, family car auctions are not only for them—they are also for you. Most family-driven and owned cars are:


  • In good condition – They are well maintained and undergo regular checkups and upgrades. They are also instantly repaired when they get damaged. More likely too, they have an excellent driving record (which means they have extremely few or zero accidents and tickets) as experts often assume family drivers are cautious.
  • Secured – Family-driven cars are expected to have great security features. After all, nothing comes first for any parent than the safety of the children.
  • Equipped with good features – Family-owned cars more likely have a comprehensive entertainment system like small LCD screens, good cup holders, and a huge space for storage.



Perhaps if there is one thing you need to keep in mind when buying a family car, it is mileage. Family cars are used for almost everything: driving for holiday trips, going to the groceries, sending kids to school, working, etc.


Regardless, you get an excellent deal with family-owned vehicles, and if you join an auction, you have the best incentive: SUVs can be sold for as much as half its book or trade-in value, which means huge savings for you.


Moreover, you will have favorable insurance premiums. Insurance companies like family drivers since they are more careful, their vehicles are equipped with security and safety features, and usually they are not too lavish to cost a lot when they need to be repaired. From the get-go, the family car you will win costs cheap insurance wise.


But that is not all. Since you are getting the vehicle at a cheap price, you can negotiate with the insurance provider to give you a lower premium as well.


Want an SUV? Now you know where to find one that is of excellent value. Join a family car auction today. If you do not know where, you can begin looking at auctions listings such as These websites update their database for all live auctions anywhere in the United States. Some of these may be within your area.

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