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Category: Luxury Car Auctions

June 25, 2017

Why Are Luxury Cars So Cheap at U.S. Auto Auctions?

Filed under: Luxury Car Auctions - 25 Jun 2017

What will you do if you know you can luxury vehicles like BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, or Porsche at a price at least 30% to 70% less? Sounds enticing, right? And yet it also makes you wonder how that is even …

January 3, 2016

Palm Beach County Florida Auto Auctions to Buy Luxury Car

Filed under: Luxury Car Auctions - 03 Jan 2016

For an average person in Palm Beach County, Florida, the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls-Royce are called luxury cars for a reason: they are beautiful, well designed, and reliable. They are also pricey. A Rolls-Royce, for instance, has an …

August 5, 2015

Buy Luxury Vehicles Cheaper at American Auto Auctions

Filed under: Luxury Car Auctions - 05 Aug 2015

When it comes to cars, we’re looking for those that have good suspension, excellent traction even when the roads are wet, easy to maintain, reliable, and cheap to insure. As much as possible, we want to get rid of the …

May 11, 2015

How to Buy Cheap Lexus Cars at Auction

Filed under: Luxury Car Auctions - 11 May 2015

You can never spell “luxury car” without a Lexus. It is amazing how this brand has risen to be one of the most coveted in the market not only for its style and comfort, but also for its added technology …