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For an average person in Palm Beach County, Florida, the likes of BMW, Mercedes, and Rolls-Royce are called luxury cars for a reason: they are beautiful, well designed, and reliable. They are also pricey. A Rolls-Royce, for instance, has an average price of around $200,000. The costs of maintenance and insurance are also high.

You can settle for average-priced cars instead, but if you really want to buy something of luxury, try joining an auto auction.

Why Join an Auto Auction

If you’ve heard of Christie’s, then you already have an idea what an auction is. In an auto auction, several vehicles are up for bidding, and those who want to buy the units, which are offered as lots, outbid one another until the highest bidder is announced.

For consumers looking for luxury vehicles, auto auctions are great because:

  • They have several choices – The more options, the better the chance of grabbing a vehicle since competition among bidders may be low.
  • You can test-drive the vehicle – In auto auctions, you can inspect and even go for a test drive before you bid. This way, you don’t end up with a bad car.
  • The process is easy and fast – Auctions are just short, lasting no more than an hour or two, depending on the number of cars that are being auctioned. If you win, just process the paperwork, pay, and the car is yours.
  • You can get the cars cheaply – One of the biggest advantages of joining an auto auction in Palm Beach County is you can get a luxury car way below its book value. It’s not impossible to have a BMW bought with at least 50% savings.

Granted, the vehicles sold at auctions are used, so they’re definitely cheaper. However, many owners are now selling recent models in good condition, which makes them great choices.

Where to Find These Auction

There are different types of auto auctions. They can be public or private. They may be carried out by the government, banks, and other types of institutions such as the police force, schools, hospitals, and non-profits.

These auctions may be conducted regularly in a year or annually. Some do on a case-to-case basis.

It’s therefore a challenge to track auto auctions in Palm Beach County, Florida, but there’s an efficient way to do it: subscribe to auctions listings.

Websites such as don’t set up auctions. However, they list down all the possible auto auctions found in any given area in the United States, such as Palm Beach County. The list is updated as soon as there’s a new auction scheduled or ongoing.

If you cannot find any active auction in your county, you can use the list to broaden the search and cover auctions that may be in nearby cities such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale. They can also show those that are in close counties like Hendry, Broward, and up to Glades. In fact, you can try checking out what auctions are happening in other states such as Georgia and Alabama.

With a large scope, you’re more likely to find a luxury car you can afford.

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