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Category: Police Auctions

July 7, 2015

US Police Auctions – Check Them Out For Unbeatable Deals

Filed under: Police Auctions - 07 Jul 2015

You already know what a police force is: it takes care of peace and order, fights crimes, educates people on how to keep themselves and their households safe, etc. The last thing you’ll probably associate with them is an auction, …

November 18, 2013

Find Cheap Car Deals at Bay Area Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 18 Nov 2013

There are so many different ways to try and lock down a deal for a cheap car in the Bay Area that the entire process can quickly become overwhelming.  The best way to save time, money, and a lot of …

September 17, 2013

Dallas County Police Auctions Give Cheap Deals

Filed under: Police Auctions - 17 Sep 2013

Dallas county police auctions are a great way to find cheap deals on quality used cars.  Over the past several years, Dallas County as slowly transitioned to online auctions in conjunction with their live auctions.  To save time and money, …

March 19, 2012

Cheap Car Deals at Los Angeles County Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 19 Mar 2012

If you are looking for cheap car deals at Los Angeles County police auctions then there is a lot that you need to know. Los Angeles County has a few unique characteristics that make taking advantage of police …

August 10, 2011

How to Benefit From Unclaimed Stolen Cars Resold Legally At Newark Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 10 Aug 2011

There are several different ways that you can benefit from these types of police auctions.  The biggest benefit is simply the savings.  You can get a great deal on a used car that is still reliable.  In most cases, any …

August 2, 2011

Unclaimed Stolen Cars Are Resold Legally At Newark Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 02 Aug 2011

Similar to many other cities around the country, unclaimed stolen cars are resold legally at Newark police auctions.  This can prove to an excellent opportunity because many people overlook these types of auctions.  Sometimes these auto auctions only have unclaimed …

July 11, 2011

Nevada Police Auctions Have Confiscated Cars For Sale

Filed under: Police Auctions - 11 Jul 2011

Much like the rest of the country, Nevada police auctions have confiscated cars for sale.  The popularity of these types of auto auctions have been consistently increasing as the media continues to report the deals that are commonplace.  A lot …

February 11, 2011

Find Quality Autos at Green Bay Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 11 Feb 2011

You might be wondering about trying to find quality autos at Green Bay police auctions. There are a lot of different questions that could be swirling around in your mind. Are quality vehicles available? Can you get a good deal? …

August 20, 2009

Find Superior Cars at Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 20 Aug 2009

You may have heard of police auto auctions, but perhaps you have never attended one so you don’t know what they are really like.  Once you realize the savings people are racking up by purchasing seized cars, you will want …

July 18, 2009

Police Auctions in Detroit for Superior Vehicles

Filed under: Police Auctions,Police Car Auctions - 18 Jul 2009

Tired of skimming through a lot of ads to find a worthless car auction? Indeed, looking for auctions manually can be tiring. The fatigue does not end there since you have to go to the auction and post your bid. …

March 20, 2009

Alaska Seized Auto Auctions: Source At Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 20 Mar 2009

Alaska seized car auctions are the events, which are generally overlooked by the first time car buyers. Most of the individuals intending to buy a car consider brand new cars as the favorable deals. Needless to say, you are required …

February 11, 2009

Texas Police Auctions: Source Cheap Used Car Deals

Filed under: Police Auctions - 11 Feb 2009

When you need an additional family car you will probably need a cheap and affordable one and the best place to find this is Texas Police Auctions. There are many used car auctions where you can find cheap cars which …

January 29, 2009

Drive Home a Great Car from Delaware Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 29 Jan 2009

Delaware Police Auctions is the place where you can get a great car which is in a condition to be driven away from the auction. Cars at these auctions are in good condition and you need not have to have …

January 23, 2009

Police Auctions in Carolina: Source a Good Deal

Filed under: Police Auctions - 23 Jan 2009

Police Auctions in Carolina are the best used car deals and you can get yourself a great car at a cheap price from the police auctions. These auctions take place all over the country as the police have a lot …

January 6, 2009

Colorado Police Car Auctions: Tips for High Profits

Filed under: Police Auctions - 06 Jan 2009

Colorado Police Car Auctions is the place where you can find a wide range of cars of various types and models which have been seized by the government. For those who are looking for a used car in great condition …

January 4, 2009

Minneapolis Police Auctions: Find Affordable Seized Cars

Filed under: Police Auctions - 04 Jan 2009

Minneapolis Police Auctions is where you can find the most affordable seized cars. If you have been dreaming of owning one of the luxury vehicles and have not been able to lay your hands on one because you cannot afford …

January 3, 2009

Tulsa Police Auctions: Gov Seized Car Sales

Filed under: Police Auctions - 03 Jan 2009

Tulsa Police Auctions is the ideal place for people who are looking for second hand cars. The best cars at such auctions are the repo cars or seized cars which are also sold at repo auctions and many other government …

January 1, 2009

Why Seized Cars in Virginia Beach Police Auctions are Affordable

Filed under: Police Auctions - 01 Jan 2009

Seized Cars in Virginia Beach Police Auctions are the most popular used cars which are sought by the public. Thousands of vehicles get seized by various government departments and agencies like the IRS, FBI, DEA and the police departments almost …

December 17, 2008

Oklahoma City Police Auctions: Find Impounded Cars

Filed under: Police Auctions - 17 Dec 2008

Oklahoma City Police Auctions are where you can get some of the best cars at the cheapest and most affordable rates. These police auctions are held periodically in all the different towns of the country as and when the police …

December 1, 2008

Milwaukee, WI Police Auctions for Seized cars

Filed under: Police Auctions - 01 Dec 2008

Milwaukee police auctions have many seized vehicles to be auctioned off. Doing research and being discreet will definitely land a reliable car in Milwaukee. It is good to aim at buying cheap cars from the police auctions since they are …

November 30, 2008

Best car deals at El Paso, TX Police and Gov Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 30 Nov 2008

Police auctions and government auctions are the place to land some of the best deals in El Paso while purchasing a car.  Some of the best and latest models are found at these police and government auctions at El Paso …

November 26, 2008

Austin, TX Government Auctions: Save at Police Auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 26 Nov 2008

Best deals on used cars offered in police auctions of Austin city

Used cars are auctioned all over America and they are the best to buy if you are looking out for a cheap investment in second or third …

November 24, 2008

Philadelphia, PA Police Auctions: ex Gov Car Sales

Filed under: Police Auctions - 24 Nov 2008

Win That Economical Car Stress-Free At Police Car Auctions

To have a winning bid at the Philadelphia, PA Police Auctions would need you to get a hold of an inexpensive, cheap car that pays attention to your imperative needs. Take …

November 23, 2008

San Antonio Government and Police Auctions Info

Filed under: Police Auctions - 23 Nov 2008

Obtaining a repo car from San Antonio Government and Police Auctions is the key to a multitude of cars you wanted to seek. Always wanted to get a niche car at atrociously low rates? This is a one stop shop …

November 22, 2008

Phoenix, AR Government Auctions: Police auctions

Filed under: Police Auctions - 22 Nov 2008

THE Phoenix, Arizona government police auctions in United States are a public live auction conducted, on every Saturday, by police auction department of the city of phoenix. The City of Phoenix police auctions include stolen and confiscated stuff like vehicles, …

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