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Category: MINI

April 17, 2008

MINI Cooper Hardtop Review: new MINI Cooper Hardtop: driving passion

Filed under: MINI - 17 Apr 2008

With new cars being launched into the international market by carmakers on a regular basis, car buyers are getting numerous options in regards to getting the one fulfilling their desire. Henceforth, car-manufacturers are finding themselves in a cut-throat competitive world, …

MINI Cooper Convertible Review: new legacy of MINI Cooper Convertible

Filed under: MINI - 17 Apr 2008

Convertibles have always been the order of the day for car buyers, who have a fascination for stylish cars. Convertibles from new Mini Cooper have become popular cross the globe in a very short period. With the launch of 2008 …

MINI Cooper Clubman Review: new MINI Cooper Clubman

Filed under: MINI - 17 Apr 2008

The engineering and development of the latest Minis is influenced largely by the motor sport. The modifications of this engine, with four cylinders are the same as that of the new 2008 MINI Cooper challenge which is a race car. …