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Category: Car Buying Tips

December 19, 2020

What if I Buy a Car with Structural Damage

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 19 Dec 2020

There are vehicles sold at auction that have damage that is more
than just skin deep.  However this is not
always a reason to run.  The auction
facility is obliged to disclose structural damage and savvy buyers can pick up
absolute bargains …

August 30, 2019


Filed under: Car Buying Tips,Used Cars - 30 Aug 2019

Typically drivers keep their new cars for three to five
years which is a bonus for those of us who like to buy second hand cars.  While the new car owners take the initial
value hit as soon as their …

November 11, 2017

Types of Accident Damage Found in Vehicles for Sale

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 11 Nov 2017

Road accidents happen all the time. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least two million people suffer from injuries annually because of motor vehicle crashes. No less than 32,000 people die. And despite the advancement in …

October 8, 2017

Latest Technology Making Driving More Fun

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 08 Oct 2017

When you think of cars, “fun” is probably not the closest word you will think of. But the way modern cars are designed these days, manufacturers want you to be entertained while keeping you safe.

The battle of cars these days …

March 8, 2017

The Best Time Of Year To Purchase A Car And Why

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 08 Mar 2017

Car sales have never been better, and that’s triumphant news for both domestic and foreign economy. But what does it mean for you? As a consumer, your needs are different from the sellers. Your goal is to buy a car …

August 8, 2016

How To Get Your Vehicle Home after Buying at Auction

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 08 Aug 2016

Although winning a car auction is awesome, it doesn’t end the process. More than anything, you should be able to make the purchase and eventually get the vehicle. Even that can be challenging. How do you exactly bring the vehicle …

November 2, 2015

Inspect Exterior of Vehicles before Buying at Auction

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 02 Nov 2015

When you’re trying to buy a vehicle through an auction, always remember: never take the car at first glance.

Auctions these days would normally require sellers to submit photos of their vehicles up for auction. This way, potential buyers can already …

October 6, 2015

Car Interior Inspection before You Bid at Auction

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 06 Oct 2015

If you are buying a used car, especially at an auction, then one of the steps you should never forget to undertake is a car inspection.

This is part of your due diligence. After all, vehicles are sold in an as-is …

August 18, 2015

Tire & Wheel Check at Car Auction – Do It Yourself (DIY)

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 18 Aug 2015

One of the biggest reasons for joining a car auction is you can now have the opportunity to buy the car you’ve always wanted for less than half its price in the market or when traded in. In fact, your …

January 20, 2012

Take A Mechanic With You To An Auto Auction

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 20 Jan 2012

If there is a single action that you can take to make the auction process safer, it is deciding to take a mechanic with you to an auto auction. Not only does this make sense from a common-sense standpoint, but …

September 24, 2011

Transport and Storage Options For Auto Auction Buyers

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 24 Sep 2011

As auctions become a more popular way to purchase a vehicle, more people are wondering about transport and storage options for auto auction buyers. The amount of options has significantly increased over the years. There were a variety of factors …

December 16, 2010

Mistakes Buyers Make When They Buy A Car

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 16 Dec 2010

Although now may be a good time to buy a car, there are a few things to keep in mind,  For example some of those cash-back offers from dealers apply only if you accept the dealer's financing.

Be Realistic

There are many …

December 7, 2010

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 07 Dec 2010

Improving your gas mileage is something that everyone thinks about from one time or another.  It could be because gas prices are on the rise again, a concern for the environment, or some other immediate concern.  Regardless of the reason, …

April 6, 2010

Auto Shipping: Car Transport Options

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 06 Apr 2010

Buying your next car from an auto auction can be a terrific way to save money. Not only will you pay thousands less than retail. But, you can often get a much nicer car than you could ordinarily afford.

Each day, …

March 4, 2010

Used Car California Lemon Laws

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 04 Mar 2010

“When live gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  This is all fine and dandy for some things, but for our all-important vehicular transportations needs, this saying has no sensible application.  A car buyer has every right to expect their purchase to …

December 21, 2009

Car Buying Process: Tips to Avoid Traps

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 21 Dec 2009

When you first see your new car it is exciting!  With its paint gleaming, alloy wheels shining and an alluring fragrance wafting from the interior – it can be intoxicating.  So much so that it’s easy to drop your guard …

September 18, 2009

What Cars Are Americans Currently Buying?

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 18 Sep 2009

According to a new survey by Consumer Reports National Research Center not all car brands are considered equal by American consumers.  “Buy American” is a strong mindset in current car buyers as about 80 percent of respondents who are considering …

July 20, 2009

Smart Bidding Guide for Public Auto Auctions

Auctions are tricky market processes. Sometimes, you are very close to having the item you desire but then someone will bid higher than what you bid. This becomes trickier when the auction is a car auction. When vehicles are auctioned, …

March 28, 2008

Great Tips For Negotiating With Car Dealers—How To Get the Best Price Possible

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 28 Mar 2008

Right after making the decision towards buying a new car, the issue of negotiating for the price and getting a good deal comes into the picture. if the dealer sees you as someone with knowledge and who seems to be …

March 27, 2008

Great Tips for Getting A Good Deal on Your New Car

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 27 Mar 2008

When one is looking forward to purchasing a new car and adding to the family, they do extensive research and find out the cars they can choose. And then begins the process of actual shopping, and finally buying the car. …

March 26, 2008

Car Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 26 Mar 2008

Whenever a person decides to go shopping, they do a bit of research and make a list of all the products they wish to buy. This holds true while going car shopping as well. One needs to know what they …

March 25, 2008

Should You Go For Buying an RV/The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Owning An RV

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 25 Mar 2008

If you are seriously considering buying an RV, so you can do all your holidays and road trips with your family on it, which is a wonderful decision. being the owner of an RV can be one wonderful experience for …

How to Get the Best Deal on Your New Car

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 25 Mar 2008

Buying a car is not something very difficult or what involves a lot of complications, but getting a good deal on the new car involves some background work and research as well. To get a good price on the car …

Why Using The Edmund’s Guide Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars In Car Cost

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 25 Mar 2008

When making big deals, it is always wise to have someone backing you up, or giving you advice on how to get the best price or make the right decision. Human beings by nature rely on their friends or colleagues …

March 22, 2008

Why You Need a Vehicle History Report before Buying a Used Car

Filed under: Car Buying Tips - 22 Mar 2008

When a person wishes to buy a product, it will be based on their monthly income, spending capacity and ofcourse the need of the hour. This holds true while making big investments such as buying a house or a car. …

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