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Honda Pilot 2016 – New Car Review

Honda may not be a brand you can immediately associate with “luxury,” but it has shown over the years that it can create reliable and time-tested vehicles. It is also not afraid to correct past design mistakes. A good example is the Honda Pilot 2016.

The Honda Pilot 2016 is a recently released mid-sized SUV. In many accounts, it’s considered to be a much better version than the second generation, and, according to Forbes, it looks like many experts seem to agree.

Pilot 2016 is a 3-row SUV that can accommodate 8 people. Cars in Trend calls the design “masculine,” although it tries to veer away from looking too boxy. What one gets therefore is a super-sleek stylish car that is simple but is making a pretty bold statement.

It’s a good vehicle to use for families that love to spend holidays on camping trips or long drives. It can haul loads of up to 1,600 liters. However, the large cargo load is compensated by the actual body of the car, which has been designed using some basic principles of aviation. When designing airplanes, it’s important that the body is lightweight so it’s flexible. However, it should be easy to control and most of all durable. That’s what Honda Pilot is for Cars in Trend.

The vehicle is equipped with a sunroof that’s made of glass, which adds more ambience and reduces dependency on indoor artificial light during nigh time. The driver’s seat may be raised in order to see traffic more clearly without impeding the driver’s going in and out of the vehicle.

The Kelley’s Blue Book (KBB), which is considered the bible for anyone who likes to buy a vehicle especially a used one, calls the newest generation of Honda Pilot as possibly the best crossover SUV among its rivals. It describes the vehicle as nimble, which is actually great since it means it’s less intimidating for anyone who hasn’t driven an SUV yet. This also suggests that driving in tight spots including parking lots will be less of a worry as the car is already responsive.

According to Car and Driver, Honda Pilot 2016 has an acceleration speed of 6 seconds, which makes it faster than Toyota Highlander and Mazda CX-9. It also has a good horsepower of 280, although it has a slower top speed than the other two mentioned models at 114 miles per hour.

KBB also recognizes the sensing capabilities of the vehicle. For example, settings for cruise control can be easily accessed from the steering wheel. Great safety features such as detection of rear cross paths and lane-keeping assist have also been incorporated. It also throws some praises to the under-floor storage.

Our Say

The Honda Pilot 2016 is perhaps the best version of the group. It is roomy with sufficient space for cargo. It is dependable for long travels especially since it’s also fuel efficient. Most of all, plenty of thought has been put into its design. At a minimum price of $30,875, it’s an excellent deal.

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