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Buy Discount Subaru Vehicles in Worcester MA

If you are targeting a Subaru vehicle then you may have noticed they are in short supply. This is because most Subaru owners typically keep their vehicles much longer than the average car owner. Subaru’s have consistently proven to be a reliable vehicle for 250,000 miles or more. As a result, owners don’t feel the need to upgrade as often. Unfortunately, this often leads to a shortage on the secondary market.

How to Buy Discount Subaru Vehicles

Since there is an overall shortage of Subaru vehicles on the secondary market it can be difficult to find one that is below market value. Used car dealerships know that people who love Subaru’s will often be happy to pay the secondary market value if not more because they are so hard find. This makes the idea of buying a discount Subaru a difficult proposition to envision. Fortunately, there is still one place to consistently find Subaru vehicles at discount prices – auto auctions.

Buying Discount Subaru’s At Auction

Like other Subaru enthusiasts, you know it can be difficult to cut costs when negotiation the sale price of Subaru. An auto auction quickly becomes the best alternative to save money. When buying vehicles at auction in Worcester MA, there are a few different techniques which can be used to save money. Keep in mind that Worcester is the secondary largest city in New England which means there will likely be more Subaru’s available at auction than anywhere else in the area, with Boston being the exception.

The easiest way to buy this type of vehicle at a discount is to focus on cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage can be expensive to repair but has a minimal impact on performance, reliability, or durability – if any. This means the easiest way to save money is to look for vehicles with cosmetic damage. This is true for all makes and models but is particularly important for Subaru shoppers because Subaru’s are difficult to find. As a result their average auction price can be slightly higher than more common manufacturers.

Examples of Discount Subaru Vehicles at Auction in the Worcester MA Area

It quickly becomes clear that best discounts are available for cars with either cosmetic damage or a rebuilt title. Both offer the promise of long-term reliability however the inherent risk of purchase a car with any type of damage suppresses the average purchase price at an auto auction.

2009 Subaru Impreza WR
A great deal was recently spotted at an auto auction. It was a 2009 Subaru Impreza with only 70,000 miles. This 4 door, white sedan had a secondary market value of $15,700 but the winning bidder paid only $7,300.

2009 Subaru Forester 2
Another great deal on a Subaru vehicle was a Forester 2. It was valued at only $12,000 because of its high mileage – 198,600. At the same time it was a fleet vehicle for a company so most of those miles were likely highway miles. Plus, the winning bidder paid only $4,000. Even with the high mileage, this proved to be an excellent deal in comparison to the secondary market value.

2010 Subaru Outback
A final example is this 2010 Subaru Outback with only 65,000 miles. The reason it was sold for lower than market value was because there was obvious side panel damage on the front end. This particular vehicle has a rebuild title which means there was likely notable damage history which has since been repaired. At the same time, a savvy bidder stole it for only $6,000 which is well below what they could resell it for.

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