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Birmingham Police Car Auctions for Popular SUVs in AL

Many people will attend police auctions in search of a durable, reliable used police car.  Used police cars have been a hidden secret of taxi companies for decades but over the past several years they have been hot commodities for the general public as well.  What many people don’t realize is Birmingham police cars auctions also feature popular SUVs.  Similar to police cars the SUVs are often fitted with specialized equipment which allows them to run continuously for extended periods of time.  It is this type of equipment that has helped used police cars garners the reputation of lasting for 300,000 miles or more.  Since SUVs traditionally last longer than cars anyways, police SUVs gain the potential of easily surpassing 350,000 miles.

2 Types of SUVs at Birmingham, AL Police Car Auctions

It is important to pay close attention to the listings at police car auctions in Birmingham, AL because there are actually two different types of SUVs.  The first type is the active SUVs.  These are vehicles actually used to patrol the streets.  They are also the vehicles which typically include the unique equipment upgrades responsible for enhanced performance and durability.  The second type of SUVs is undercover units.  While some equipment upgrades may be added to the SUV, it isn’t a guarantee.  In fact, it is common practice for Birmingham, AL police departments to use seized SUVs which went unclaimed as undercover vehicles.  Not only does this save the department money but it also ensures the vehicles easily blend in to their surroundings during surveillance campaigns.  In most cases, undercover SUVs are operated much harder which can reduce their lifespan. 

How to Choose the Right SUVs to Target at Birmingham, AL Police Auctions

It can be difficult to decide which SUVs to target at police auctions because distinguishing between the two types isn’t always easy.  The first step is looking at the mileage.  In most cases, police departments will retire vehicles at 90,000 to 125,000 miles.  This means any SUV which significantly more or less miles were likely an undercover or seized vehicle.  Another characteristic to look at is the paint.  The police department normally paints former police SUVs all white or black.  Any SUV that is a different color is likely an undercover vehicle.

Examples of Great Deals on Popular SUVs found at Birmingham Police Car Auctions

 2006 Ford Escape

At a recent police auction, a winning bidder found a great deal on this 2006 Ford Escape.  It had only 70,000 so it was likely an undercover SUV although it was black so it is difficult to know for sure.  There were some minor dents and scratches, which is to be expected.  With a market value of more than $10,000 the winning bidder saved a bundle by paying only $4,400.

2007 Ford Expedition

Another gem uncovered at a local police auction was this 2007 Ford Expedition.  It had only 60,000 and was valued at nearly $20,000.  It was all white with a 5.4 liter engine.  There was significant cosmetic damage which reduced the value however it was all dents and scratches.  The reason the cosmetic damage was considered extensive was because while no individual scratch was significant, there was damage on nearly every exterior portion.  The winning bidder paid only $7,300.

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