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Do you live in the San Bernardino County area in Southern California? Are you planning on purchasing a used car? Then you should consider visiting police car auctions for the chance to walk away with a wonderful car at a significantly lower price.

One of the wonderful things about police cars for sale in San Bernardino is that they are built to endure a lot. They are the perfect vehicles for police work, and they will not fail the buyer. Everything in the cops cars for sale is enviable. They have heavy duty springs, durable interiors, big brakes, big roll bars and a transmission cooler. Their hoses never wear out. These vehicles are built to work effectively for more than 500,000 miles. However, the San Bernardino Police Department usually retires their vehicles after they have covered 100,000 miles. Therefore, the buyer should not fret when the mileage is 100,000+, as the vehicle still has several hundred thousand miles to go before it can be considered too old. Furthermore, old police cars for sale have very cheap spare parts. For example, a heater control unit for a civilian model could set the car owner back by $500. However, the same part for a used police car is probably less than $40.

An individual can easily get a wonderful Ford Crown Vic Police car that was previously used by a sheriff.  The fact that people will be compelled to drive slower around you could be a plus for your ego. Furthermore, most of them have high top speeds, but they are not a license to drive fast. Other users in the San Bernardino area have commented about the fact that they do not have to worry about their used police cars being stolen. This is because most thieves are reluctant to steal any car that they think belongs to the police.

One of the things that people may worry about when purchasing the old police cars for sale is whether it is legal. The answer is yes, as there is no law in San Bernardino County in California that prohibits it. They can therefore cruise along any road or highway without getting any trouble from law enforcement officers in San Bernardino County.

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