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Sacramento County Government Auto Auctions for Cheap Cars

Sacramento County plays host to a variety of different types of auto auctions for government that are readily open to the public.  The auctions can include all levels of government, from federal to local, and include a range of departments including the US Marshall’s Service to the county’s fleet vehicles.  Depending on what type of auctions you attend, there will be a wide variety of make, model, and mileage options to choose from.

What to Expect at Sacramento County Government Fleet Auctions

Depending on who is hosting the auction, the event could be promoted in several ways.  The two most common ways this type of auction is advertised is government fleet, government used, or surplus auctions.  Regardless of how it is advertised the general makeup of the auction will remain fairly similar.  In most cases, local, county, state, and federal governments try to purchase from domestic manufacturers whenever possible.  As a result, these auctions will have a large number of similar vehicles. 

For example, there could be 10 or 20 Ford Focus’s on the listing.  While there will be a slight variance in the year and mileage, the basic features of the car will remain the same.  If your goal is primarily to get a reliable, used vehicle at the lowest possible price then government fleet auto auctions are a great choice.  With so many duplicate listings there will inevitably be less competition for any particular unit.

What to Expect from Government Seizure Auctions in Sacramento County

Unlike fleet auctions, government seized vehicle auctions will feature a much greater variety in the types of cars available.  While this means certain units may have a great deal more competition, it also means you could land a great deal on a vehicle that is overlooked by the other bidders.  For example, the US Marshall’s Service normally has a handful of headlining high-end luxury or performance cars which gain a lot of attention from bidders.  As a result, you could save a lot of money on a more traditional vehicle like a Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima.

The Easiest Way to Find Cheap Cars at Sacramento County Government Auctions

The first step to saving money at government auto auctions is being prepared.  Nothing makes it harder to find a great deal than showing up to the auction unprepared.  Before the auction begins you should create short-list of cars that you are particularly interested in.  Take the time to research each vehicle on your list to learn more about its history and the local market value.  This will allow you to create a realistic maximum price that you are willing to pay.

Once the auction begins it is critical that you stay calm.  The goal of an auctioneer is to drum up as much excitement as possible because when people are excited they often feel compelled to bid more than they plan on spending.  Since you have already set a hard limit on how much you are willing to pay for a particular unit it is essential that you do not second guess yourself.  Just because the first few cars on your list sold for more than your ceiling bid doesn’t mean you should start raising your ceiling on the other vehicles you are interested in.  You spent time researching and preparing for the auction specifically to prevent overspending so don’t let the excitement get the better of you.

More government auctions are now being held online in conjunction with the live event.  Online auto auctions have proven to save the government a significant amount of time and money.  Take advantage of online auto auction sites whenever possible.  A hidden benefit of using these sites is you can set your maximum bid before the auction even begins.  The website will then automatically place bids for you until your pre-set bid limit has been reached.  This eliminates the possibility of getting caught up in the excitement and overbidding.

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