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Presenting the Dodge Durango: One of 2014 Most Affordable SUVs

The Dodge brand has been around since the beginning of the automobile industry. It is one of the most talked about and sought after vehicle brands in the country. Most dodge car models are comfortable, safe and affordable. The new 2014 Dodge Durango is no exception. This model is one of the best dodge SUV models. It ranks third in a list of affordable SUVs.

In addition to its pocket friendly benefits, the Dodge Durango offers a comfortable ride and great performance. It does not take technology too far as its tech features are very user friendly.  Its V6 engine has enough power and most drivers will love it. However, those who want even more power can choose to purchase the V8 Dodge Durango.

This car is one of the revolutionary 2014 car models. Users have declared that the ride is very smooth and that the car handles very well. The steering is very responsive, and any driver can manoeuvre very well with this car.

The car itself has a very catchy design, and it has been made using materials of the highest quality. The front seats are extremely comfortable. There is enough useful space in this SUV for cargo. It also has a five inch touch screen that is easy to use and very clear. Other standard features that have made this vehicle so popular are its six-speaker stereo, Bluetooth, and automatic climate control. However, the client has the option of getting a Dodge Durango with nine speakers and an eight inch touch screen as well as navigation and a back seat entertainment system. There are also a number of optional safety features in these dodge vehicles. They include blind spot monitoring, cruise control, and rear cross path detectors.

With all its capabilities, the Dodge Durango is one of the best dodge models. However, individuals who want older Dodge cars can buy quality used dodge cars. There are a number of dealerships that sell these used cars. They can also get the chance to purchase the car in an auction where they can win the bid for a wonderful dodge automobile.

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