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May 2, 2008

Testing the Suzuki Forenza Wagon: Review of 2008 Suzuki Forenza Wagon

Filed under: Car Auctions - 02 May 2008

The new wagon, 2008 Suzuki Forenza, which has been released from the Suzuki showroom, is definitely captivating to look at due to its smooth and stylish get-up. It is a four-door car with a slightly slender …

April 28, 2008

new Mazda Tribute Hybrid Review: new economy car Mazda Tribute Hybrid

Filed under: Mazda - 28 Apr 2008

You could call this car a gentle giant. Yes, the latest offering from Mazda is nothing short of your friendly neighborhood giant (funny but that’s the way you feel about the car). The New Mazda …

Mitsubishi Galant Review: new marvelous Mitsubishi Galant

Filed under: Mitsubishi - 28 Apr 2008

Although the ninth generation Mitsubishi Galant is not exactly great shakes when it comes to performance and design, it has many plus points going for it. This car falls in the sedan category. The proportions …

Mitsubishi Endeavor Review: new Mitsubishi Endeavor for test drive

Filed under: Mitsubishi - 28 Apr 2008

If one is looking for a midsize and affordable SUV in the market nothing comes better than the Mitsubishi Endeavor. The current 2007 model of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is recognised in the market for its …

April 22, 2008

new Mazda CX-7 Review: new Mazda CX-7: A grand drive

Filed under: Mazda - 22 Apr 2008

The all new 2008 Mazda CX-7 is the perfect blend of functionality, safety and the ultimate adventure. This sporty feeling car is exciting on the road as well as safe for everyday travel. Affordable and …

new Mazda B-Series Review: new Mazda B-Series: A Masterpiece

Filed under: Mazda - 22 Apr 2008

Truck models are also quite popular across the United States of America, and there have been several different truck models vying to gain popularity over the years, right from the 60s to the present. The …

Reviewing the new Mercedes-Benz SLR: new Mercedes-Benz SLR tested

Filed under: Mercedes - 22 Apr 2008

For giddy speeds of over 120 mph, you might consider spending a fortune on the latest model from Mercedes-Benz. The McLaren sports car SLR is definitely the first choice for anyone who wants the wind …

April 21, 2008

new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Review: new Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 21 Apr 2008

If you keep a survey of the automobile market, you will find that technically advanced cars are getting launched on a regular basis. These cars imbibe the best features that are currently available in …

new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Review: new Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 21 Apr 2008

Convertibles from leading carmakers have always been rolling into the scene in large numbers for their popularity amongst the common mass. Mercedes has been neck and neck with its competitors for the number of …

Review of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class:All new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 21 Apr 2008

Cars having world class features in them have an ever-lasting demand in the market. Numerous automobile giants are either coming up with better versions of their previous cars or new models are getting launched …

April 20, 2008

new Mercedes-Benz R-Class Review: new Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 20 Apr 2008

Mercedes cars are always fascinating for their features. Each one of them looks great and is very fast on road. 2008 Mercedes-Benz R-Class R320 CDI 4MATIC is an excellent SUV with loads of luxury …

new Mercedes-Benz M-Class Review: new Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 20 Apr 2008

Mercedes has always been ranked amongst the leading carmakers in the automobile market. Cars made by them have been known for looks, comfort and power. 2008 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML63 AMG is amongst the newest …

new Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class Review: new Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 20 Apr 2008

Mercedes itself are considered to be a class in itself. Coming in the latest technology and adoring style, the Mercedes are the best sold luxury cars in the world. The new Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class, a carryover from 2007, comes in perfect …

April 19, 2008

Review of New Mercedes-Benz CL-Class: new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

Filed under: Mercedes - 19 Apr 2008

No bets, Mercedes is a name associated with luxury. The new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class coming in great design and style is a luxury on the roads. This is a 2-door sport coupe, which combines elegance, comfort …

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Review: New Mercedes-Benz C-Class technology

Filed under: Mercedes - 19 Apr 2008

2008 Mercury Sable Base is a four door sleek car that has a classy and flamboyant appearance. It is quite spacious for a family ride and assures comfort in its true essence. …

Mercury Sable Review: Enjoy driving with new Mercury Sable

Filed under: Mercury - 19 Apr 2008

2008 Mercury Sable Base is a four door sleek car that has a classy and flamboyant appearance. It is quite spacious for a family ride and assures comfort in its true essence. …

April 18, 2008

Mercury Mountaineer Review: new versatile Mercury Mountaineer

Filed under: Mercury - 18 Apr 2008

The new versatile Mercury Mountaineer, a pleasing SUV comes in great style in all safety for a perfect drive. Keeping with the latest technology, the new versatile Mercury Mountaineer is driver friendly and comes in …

Mercury Milan Review:new Mercury Milan Without Compromises

Filed under: Mercury - 18 Apr 2008

A midsize sedan, the Mercury Milan is well received for its spacious interior, nice handling and a comfortable drive. The Mercury Milan offers a very splendid drive on the roads that is at par with all sedan cars.

The Mercury …

Mercury Mariner Hybrid Review: new Mercury Mariner Hybrid

Filed under: Mercury - 18 Apr 2008

Another unique SUV has been launched by Mercury for reclaiming their dominance in the global automobile market. With an excellent exterior look, 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid 4X2 is a treat to the eye.

Mercury Mariner Review: test drive the Mercury Mariner

Filed under: Mercury - 18 Apr 2008

Galore of cars with unique features are flooding the market at an alarming rate for fulfilling the growing desire of car buyers, who have a desire to own the one having the latest technology. With so many quality options to …

Mercury Grand Marquis Review: new Ultimate Mercury Grand Marquis

Filed under: Mitsubishi - 18 Apr 2008

Mercury has always been amongst those carmakers that have produced glamorous cars with unique appearance. Its newest trim, 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis GS, is looking great and is a large car with nice features. …

Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Review: new Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Filed under: Mitsubishi - 18 Apr 2008

The latest version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder was introduced in 2006 and has been a roaring success since then, even more than the previous Spyder model.

The current Mitsubishi ES is also equipped with the Sirius satellite radio which ideally …

New Volkswagen Jetta Sedan Review: 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

Filed under: Volkswagen - 18 Apr 2008

A mature and distinguished vehicle, the 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan is very appealing and also a family car. A carryover from 2007, the 2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan has been modified, which has given it more power and more comfort.

A 5-passenger …

April 17, 2008

MINI Cooper Hardtop Review: new MINI Cooper Hardtop: driving passion

Filed under: MINI - 17 Apr 2008

With new cars being launched into the international market by carmakers on a regular basis, car buyers are getting numerous options in regards to getting the one fulfilling their desire. Henceforth, car-manufacturers are finding themselves in a cut-throat competitive world, …

MINI Cooper Convertible Review: new legacy of MINI Cooper Convertible

Filed under: MINI - 17 Apr 2008

Convertibles have always been the order of the day for car buyers, who have a fascination for stylish cars. Convertibles from new Mini Cooper have become popular cross the globe in a very short period. With the launch of 2008 …

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