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MINI Cooper Hardtop Review: new MINI Cooper Hardtop: driving passion

With new cars being launched into the international market by carmakers on a regular basis, car buyers are getting numerous options in regards to getting the one fulfilling their desire. Henceforth, car-manufacturers are finding themselves in a cut-throat competitive world, where they need to outdo their opponents at every step with newer innovations. With 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base, MINI Cooper are also looking forward to give its competitors a run for their money.

In new 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base, there are body colored bumpers both at its front and rear. The car also has a roof spoiler at its rear. The tinted glass of the windows gives the car a great look. Again, it has power windows, which are provided with features like pinch protection and one-touch up & down. Carpet is provided both on the cargo area and the passenger cabin of the car. The manual air conditioning system fitted within the car keeps its inside air cool at most times.

2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base has comfortable leatherette seats. The car has provision for an easy entry seat. Its front seats are in the form of dual bucket type with options for adjustable height. The rear bench seat has a 50/50 split and it can be folded as and when needed. Adjustable headrests are provided with all the seats in the car.

Transmission system in 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base is a a 6-speed manual one. The excellent steering control in the vehicle is due to pinion and power rack steering. The suspension in the front is an independent MacPherson strut suspension with the rear one being an independent multi-link Z-axle suspension. The springs and shock absorbers in the car improve its suspension system.

2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base has a competitive braking system. The force distribution in its brakes is done electronically. Again, all the four wheels in the car are provided with anti-lock brakes with ventilated power in the front and solid disc power brakes at the rear.

Airbags that deploy in dual stages are provided in the car for both the driver and the passenger, as a part of their safety features. There is also a device in the car that shuts off the fuel in case of a fire emergency to minimize the chance of burning. There are also crumple zones in the front and rear of the car.

Again, new 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base is safeguarded against any attempts of theft by the help of the engine immobilizer. The anti-theft system also comprises of a radio in the car. All the doors in 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base have power door locks. The car has some multi-function remote control that operates the fuel door, tailgate and doors.

With so many features incorporated on a single pair of wheels, it can be said that if you are driving 2008 MINI Cooper Hardtop Base, you are driving your passion.

Tech specs

Body: 2-door coupe

Engine: 1.6 liter I4 118 hp

Transmission: 6-speed manual (conventional) or VAR speed automatic (optional)

Torque: 114 units

Power: 118 hp

Tires: SBRP175/65R15 84 H-Rated


For: It is a convenient and stylish coupe from MINI Cooper with excellent fuel economy

Against: Sometimes jerks while it is driven on bumpy roads

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