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2008 Mercury Sable Base is a four door sleek car that has a classy and flamboyant appearance. It is quite spacious for a family ride and assures comfort in its true essence.

Mechanical features

With a standard 24 valve 3.5 liter 6-cylinder engine, 2008 Mercury Sable Base provides a power of 260 hp and proves to be a great ride on the highway. It gives a net 28 mpg on the highway and 18 mpg in the city streets. Its engine boasts of a 6-speed transmission, which is automatic and includes overdrive.

Its steering column involving tilt is supported by power steering and standard independent suspension with a stabilizer bar at the front. The only difference in suspension from most contemporary cars is that its shock absorbers are gas-charged.

Exterior & Lighting features

On the exterior, 2008 Mercury Sable Base has body-side moldings that are of similar color to its body along with color-keyed bumpers at both ends. They are coupled with tinted glasses and folding rear-view mirrors, which are power adjustable. The tires for this splendid ride have 7-spoke alloy wheels.

The halogen headlights at the front are of the kind of projector beams and include fog-lights below them. The interior having illuminated entry and is well lit up, enough for someone to read along with map-lights at the front.

Braking features

With disc-brakes at the front as well as the back, the car makes up for the braking by gaining assistance of anti-lock brakes on each of the wheel. Again, its traction system and brake-force distribution are electronically controlled.

Seating & Storage features

2008 Mercury Sable Base has the warning lights that are set-up when there is a low washer-fluid and low-coolant. Furthermore, the seats are clothed and arranged in the theatrical style. There are bucket seats at the front and bench types at the rear (split folding type).

Even, the storage system has not been compromised in the car, as there is a lockable glove-box, which is complemented by console storage both at the top and the bottom. There are more importantly storage packets behind the front seats and cup-holders also.

Safety features

Safety for the 2008 Mercury Sable Base is amongst the first priority and is well taken care of. There are devices to shut-off the fuel during emergency. Every seat is well equipped with airbags, which are deployed through a dual stage mechanism. Moreover, the car also has crumple zones at both ends and guard door-beams on the side along with head-curtain airbags. There are even anti-trap device in the trunk and 3-point seatbelts at the back.

Apart from various anti-theft mechanisms and remote controlled gadgetry, 2008 Mercury Sable Base has heating ducts at the back and facility to manually regulate air conditioning. With leatherette steering wheel and shift knob, the interior has thoroughly carpeted matting on the floor including the trunk and passenger cabin.

You will not repent for your investment, as you are going to enjoy every moment of driving in 2008 Mercury Sable Base.

Tech Specs

Body: 4-door sedan

Engine: 3.5L V6 260 hp

Transmission: 6 – speed automatic

Torque: 245 units

Power: 260 hp

Tires: SBRP215/60R17


For: Gives a praiseworthy fuel economy considering its comfort and stability

Against: Braking and suspension features can be improved further

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