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Mitsubishi Endeavor Review: new Mitsubishi Endeavor for test drive

If one is looking for a midsize and affordable SUV in the market nothing comes better than the Mitsubishi Endeavor. The current 2007 model of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is recognised in the market for its solid performance, a different and unique exterior design and a stylishly designed interior.

In spite of the fact that design of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is four years old, it is still recognised and praised for its distinctive and unique designing and styling, both outside and inside. The engine of this SUV is very strong and responsive in handling which places the performance of the Endeavor in strong competition with the best crossover midsize SUVs available in the market. According to most car enthusiasts and critics the Mitsubishi Edeavor is a well-rounder SUV for the drivers who desire edgy styling and a comfortable to drive and fairly priced package. The only thing which can be criticised about this SUV is its lack of a third-row seat option, which is available with many other crossover SUVs and is considered the Endeavors’ single major drawback. Other drawbacks are high fuel consumption and depreciation. But its major plus point is its very low repair costs.

The Mitsubishi Endeavor has two trims available in 2 trims in the markets. The base Endeavor LS model and the premium Endeavor SE model. Both the trims of the Endeavor are marketed as both FWD and AWD models.

Although the performance of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is not exactly awe inspiring as far as the thrill factor is concerned, it has been recognised by car reviewers for a stable and solid performance. The Endeavor has a big engine whose initial torque helps it to move gracefully and the performance of the transmission is more or less perfect. The steering of the Endeavor is light and responds well to the driver making is comfortable to drive.

The styling of the exterior of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is praised by one and all, for its uniqueness especially in comparison with other midsize SUV models. The front end is aggressively designed and there is a lot of sheet metal which has been sharply creased to give it a rugged yet appealing look. This makes its design stand out among the other SUVs available in the market, most of which are practically featureless.

The styling of he interior of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is spacious, comfortable, convenient and uniquely designed. The Endeavor is also generally considered to be safe as per the safety tests which have been performed on it though some tests are still pending. All safety features which the Endeavor is equipped with are standard ones and no optional features are available.The reliability of the Mitsubishi Endeavor is considered to be mediocre. This fact is based on the analyses performed by various sources in the United States.

All in all at a price range of $26,999 to $28,999, and an MPG of 16 in the city and 22 on the highway, the Mitsubishi Endeavor is a very good bargain.

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