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new Mazda CX-7 Review: new Mazda CX-7: A grand drive

The all new 2008 Mazda CX-7 is the perfect blend of functionality, safety and the ultimate adventure. This sporty feeling car is exciting on the road as well as safe for everyday travel. Affordable and SUV styled, this model is a pleasant surprise but can certainly improve in a few areas. The car is sleek and affordable, the perfect SUV you would look for family travel.

This midsize SUV has already raced to the top slot in the range of affordable and medium size family vehicles. With its terrific safety features, even a wild ride would be a pleasure. As for the appearance, the car has a very unique design with a sturdy outlook. The unconventional looks win you over at first sight. The sleek design is stunning. The car matches up to the expected functionality for any SUV. Along with this, the car offers a sporty feel that thrills you on highways. One inspection and you notice that the car seems to have borrowed the best features from all cars. The sum of different top-class parts makes for an excellent midsize SUV.

The 2008 model does not make any major changes. The 4 cylinder turbocharged engine makes all the trims (Sport, Touring and Grand Touring) fun to drive. The transmission is good, though you wish there was a manual transmission too. The interiors could be more spacious. Right from the electronic stability controlling mechanism to the airbags, the car has everything to make it reliable and very safe. It rates much better than its rivals in most aspects, but the minus points are for the interiors, which could have matched up to the rest of the features. In all, the car scores at least an 8 on 10.

Engine: 4 out of 5….. 4 cylinder turbo charged engine is very exciting and performs well, perfect for a sporty feel

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. Easy automatic transmission with convenient shift

Handling: 4 out of 5… convenient handling. The steering and brakes are very good, as expected in any good sporty car

Safety: 4 out of 5 … unbeatable, top-class safety features that surpass excellence in crash tests

Value 4.5 out of 5.. at an MSRP ranging between $24,000 and $28,000, this excellent sports car is definitely worth the investment

Tech Specs

Body: 6 trims in the 4 door and 5 passenger sports utility 2008 model.

Engine: Sport FWD comes with a 2.3 liter, I4, 244 hp, turbo engine while the Grand Touring AWD comes with a 2.3 liter, I4, 244 hp turbo engine

Transmission: trims have up to 6 speed automatic transmission with overdrive

Power: 244 at 5000 rpm for the Sports FWD, while the Grand Touring AWD provides 244 at 5000 rpm

Torque:  258 at 2500 (ft-lbs) for the Sports FWD, while the Grand Touring AWD operates at 258 at 2500 (ft-lbs)

Tires: 18 to inch radial tires. Rack and pinion steering. Front and rear disc brakes. Independent suspension. AWD/FWD.

Verdict: SUV type sporty feeling car, good on performance and affordability.

For: powerful engine, scores amazingly well in crash test, very well styled sporty car

Against: less interior and cargo room, rear seats are cramped

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