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new Mazda Tribute Hybrid Review: new economy car Mazda Tribute Hybrid

You could call this car a gentle giant. Yes, the latest offering from Mazda is nothing short of your friendly neighborhood giant (funny but that’s the way you feel about the car). The New Mazda Tribute Hybrid is available in 4 exciting trims:  the Touring HEV 2 wheel driven, the Touring HEV 4 wheel driven, the Grand Touring HEV 2 wheel driven and finally, the Grand Touring HEV 4 wheel driven trim. There are brand new improvements for the 2008 launch of the Mazda Tribute Hybrid SUV.

The Japanese car-maker Mazda has always been famous for its unique designs and the exciting sports models that may not be the best, but are ideal for routine commuting and some fun alongside, at affordable rates. The cars have gained popularity across the United States, with several customers voting for the speed, performance and compact designs that rivals do not often match up to.
Though not a high-end sophisticated luxury vehicle, this sports utility vehicle is friendly enough for regular driving and some excitement in-between. The car has nothing so fancy to talk about, yet you will find yourself very comfortable driving the car. It is easy to use and feels comfortable when you are seated within. The car delivers what it promises, nothing more and nothing less. But it does its job well. It is adorable among other vehicles in this class because it does not compromise on driving satisfaction while achieving the eco-friendly tag with ease. The car offers a fuel economy of 34/30 mpg for city/highway. The Tribute hybrid comes in 3 basic colors. You might observe some features of the Ford Escape Hybrid model here and there in the Tribute Hybrid, but that is obvious because Ford has its share here.

The instrument panel is good and the interiors have the feel-good factor when you slip into the seats. The car can easily seat 4 adults. It has a spacious cabin. The 4 cylinder engine performs reasonably well and the transmission is also acceptable. The safety and stability features are standard. In all, the car gets at least 8 on 10 for an all-round performance, but it could do with better dynamics next time round.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. 4 cylinder engine is good enough for daily driving

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. Fair enough

Handling: 3 out of 5… could improve, though quite satisfactory

Safety: 4 out of 5 … standard safety features befitting a family SUV

Value 4 out of 5.. a friendly and roomy car, yours at about $29,000

Tech Specs

Body: 4 door car, and a 5 passenger seating sports utility car

Engine: 2.3 liter 4 cylinder

Transmission: variable-speed automatic transmission (with overdrive)

Power: up to 133 hp

Torque:  124 at 4250 (ft-lbs)

Tires: 16 inch radial tires

Verdict: worth your money. Friendly and a good performing vehicle

For: the interiors and exteriors have been improvised to a great extent, and you are certainly impressed with the developments.

Against: the car could do with better dynamism, because it lacks slightly in this area, compared to what you see with the other cars of this segment on the road these days.

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