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Should You Buy American Cars or Imported Cars? (Part 2)

Benefits of Buying Imported Cars

When considering whether or not to buy imported cars there are several key benefits to take note of. One of the biggest benefits of buying imported cars lies in the wider variety of luxury models. While this benefit is only applicable to people who are in the market for a luxury vehicle, it is something worth considering.

Another benefit of buying imported cars is their resale price is often higher. This means if someone wants to purchase a new car and plans on trading it in or reselling in the near future they will suffer from less devaluation than if they bought a domestically manufactured vehicle.

Anyone in the market for a compact car will typically look at buying imported cars first. This is because American manufacturers have the luxury of building much more spacious cabins for their sedans and midrange vehicles. As a result, they are overall interior design of compact cars is often lacking compared to the imported alternatives. Additionally, imported compact cars are often lighter which means better gas mileage.

A final benefit of purchasing imported cars is the ability to modify them easily. Body mods or mod kits are typically more readily available for imported cars. There are a variety of reasons for this but one of the most notable reasons is imported car manufacturers often develop their overall design with the understanding that multiple body mod kits will be made available as well.

Drawbacks of Buying Imported Cars

While there are a number of benefits there are certain drawbacks of buying imported cars to consider as well. While they are built lighter, which means getting better gas mileage, they are also less powerful. In terms of overall horsepower and acceleration capabilities, imported cars typically lag behind domestically manufactured alternatives. The obvious exception to this is the large number of sports cars developed internationally which emphasized power and maneuverability.

Another potential drawback of buying imported cars is the long-term parts and maintenance fees. While the overall maintenance costs have been decreasing over the last decade, it is still more expensive to perform general maintenance and purchase parts for imported vehicles. This is particularly important to consider for people who want to buy an imported car and plan on keeping it for 5+ years.

The final drawback of buying an imported car is the miscellaneous fees and costs built into the price. As a result, the initial purchase price of imported cars are often higher than their domestically manufactured equivalent.


Overall, it is difficult to say that either domestically manufactured or imported car should always be considered the best option. There are a number of variables which go into the decision of purchasing a vehicle as everyone is looking for something a little different. Based upon your specific preferences it should be clear which option is best for you by simply

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