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New York International Auto Show 2010

It’s Car Show season again. That magical time of year when car makers dazzle us with their exciting concept cars, and tempting new models. From low-slung supercars, to environment-friendly hybrids. There is sure to be a new model to suit just about anyone.

Every year, the New York International Auto Show plays host to more than 1 million people. With more glitz, and showmanship than the Academy Awards. Auto makers pull out all the stops to introduce their latest models.

Since this is the biggest show in North America, many car companies chose to debut their latest models here. For 110 years, the buzz generated at the NYAS has either made, or broke many auto makers.

Trying to capitalize on the International spotlight, several important new cars are being introduced this year.

  • 2011 BMW 335is – Long considered the standard of performance coupes. The 2011 335is will try to win the hearts of show goers with its revised sheet metal and more powerful engine.
  • 2011 BMW X5 – Beemer’s popular SUV is receiving a makeover for 2011. New styling cues, and more exciting power plants should prove popular with family-minded attendees.
  • 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid – Aiming squarely at icons like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, Hyundai is hoping that its new Hybrid Sonata will woo new customers into its fold. With dramatic styling, and an efficient new Hybrid system, show goers will have yet another excellent family car to consider.
  • 2011 Nissan Juke – This exciting, new crossover from Nissan promises to be a real show stopper. With futuristic looks, and a compact size, attendees will get a glimpse at the future of urban transport.

Besides all of the shiny new models, there is lot to see and do at the New York Auto Show. Held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, NYAS exhibits are spread across 4 levels.

Interactive exhibits, classic cars, concept cars, and the latest in electric vehicles are just some of the things that you can expect to see at this years show.

There’s even going to be a huge, outdoor exhibit called Camp Jeep. A 45,000 sq foot off road driving course is being constructed to give attendees a real-world taste of a Jeep’s off road abilities. Professional drivers will be on hand to take visitors through the course’s many obstacles. This promises to be a hit with both young and old alike.

If you plan to attend, mark your calenders for Saturday, April 3rd. Opening ceremonies will start at 9:30am, and the show floor will open at 11am.  Wear comfortable shoes, and get ready to experience the best that the Automotive world has to offer.

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