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Few Auto shows are anticipated more than the upcoming LA Auto show. After a pretty dismal show last year due to the financial state of America’s big three car manufacturers, (Chrysler couldn’t even afford to have lights on their stand) this years show is going to be a watershed.

There’s a host of new models to be launched and a few cars making their North American Debut. Chief of which is the Ferrari 458 Italia, quite possibly the most beautiful car Ferrari has made since the 355. The 458 is of course a technological tour-de-force with a 4.5 litre V8 and computer controlled dual clutch 7 speed transmission, you have a car that will make you feel like the driving god you know you are. There are even rumours of Ferrari launching a hybrid at the show so stay tuned.

Not to be outdone Porsche will be displaying the updated Turbo and the Panamera. They’ll also be showing the hybrid Cayenne. You’ll have to wait until next year though to see the all new Cayenne which is slightly smaller and lighter than the current model, so it should be kinder to the planet and in my opinion its a lot better looking.

No LA auto show is complete without taking a look at what Toyota has to offer. There’s a new version of the Prius the darling of Hollywood, oh and there’s the Matrix, no nothing to do with Keanu Reeves, not much to say about it really, except it’s a five door hatch with a sporty engine and a big rear spoiler, Ken Block watch out.

GM are perhaps the most beleaguered of the big three US auto makers. Looking to rebound after the worst year in their corporate history, they have a host of new models to show. Some of which should have been shown at last years show but they were short of funds.

The most exciting of these is the new Chevy Camaro, not exactly a green car with a 6.2 litre V8 but exciting never the less. Then comes an updated version of the little Aveo5 the hatchback version of the Aveo, it gets a round of updates including rounder styling and a bigger body with some new wheels and trim pieces.

From the Brits we have yet another new Aston Martin, the Rapide and yes it’s beautiful, kind of like a stretched DB9 with two extra doors. And of course the Bentley Mulsanne will make its show debut in the town where it probably feels most at home. The replacement for the venerable old Arnage has a classic yet sleek look and all new engine to help keep the Co2 down and keep the green brigade happy.

Chrysler will be showing the Dodge Challenger about the only thing of interest on their stand until a host of new models are launched in the next few years, after a fresh injection of capital. There’s a possibility of an exciting concept car though.

Ford has the updated mustang which debuted last year but which you can actually buy this year, and the updated Fusion, which has been heavily restyled for this year, updated everything really nothing totally new so again keep a look out for a sexy concept car.

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