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US Auto Industry On The Up

It appears that the worst of the US auto industries woes are over.  While there has been a lot of pain for all auto industry stakeholders, it seems that the mood of the heart of the US car industry, Detroit, is improving. 

With the bankruptcies of Chrysler and GM now passing, increasing optimism is coming over the auto industry which should be warmly welcomed by all.  The US Government has used the recent demise in the car industry to implement key strategic changes that should ensure that the auto industry comes out of the recession better than before. 

Offers to consumers to trade in their old “gas guzzlers” and upgrade to a newer, more efficient vehicle, and the further development of alternative fuel powered cars should result in renewed passion for the car industry.  Investment in electronic cars, hybrids and battery operated vehicles will see a shift away from the US’s dependency on foreign oil.

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