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Ford Shelby GT500 Review: 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 a powerful pony car

Ford and Shelby have come together to create magic yet again! The new 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 is their new and powerful pony car that wows at the first road test itself. This speed machine can offer competition to the Vipers and other speedy cars. After Mustang, this is yet another victory for Ford. Carroll Shelby has yet again proved that performance cars are his forte.

The 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 comes both as a coupe and a convertible, and its USP lies in its lesser pricing compared to other power cars. And yes, it also has a back seat, which sports cars rarely have use for. The Ford sports car GT lends its features to the 2008 model and the new technology has worked to produce more power. The robust v8 5.4 liter engine gives a welcome 500 hp which is enough to classify the car as a sports car meant for some mean performance on the road. This supercharged engine makes a striking 200 hp rise from the Mustang GT 300 hp models. If you are hungry for even more power, then go for the ‘king of the road’ GT500KR which offers 40 hp extra over the standard 500 hp. This one’s a limited edition, so check it out if you really want it.

The GT500 coupe does not come with a matching automatic, but it does have a reliable Tremec 6 speed manual transmission. While the car roars through the roads, its 18 inch tires are kept safe through good steering control and stabilizer bars and the suspension thus keeps up with the punishing pace. But some excitement is allowed with the traction which could be adjusted to give the car some slide. As with any speed demon, the Brembo brakes are excellent as expected, with disc brakes for the wheels.

The Aerodynamic styling and amazing wheel design makes for lovely striped exteriors; with a huge hood with vents to extract the heat and keep the car cool. The interiors are also styled and the controls positioned carefully. The plush power leather seats are comfortable and keep the driver in the seat while zooming on roads. The car has a Shaker 1000W sound system to match the powerful car. The standard features exist with the optionals being a Power Upgrade Package for better handling and acceleration.

Engine: 4.5 out of 5….. The car is all about raw power. The v8 engine delivers 500 hp with ease and fuel economy is reasonable for this kind of car (14 to 20 mpg in city and on highway).

Transmission: 4 out of 5…. As with all speedy cars, the transmission is excellent, with 6 speed manual.

Handling: 4 out of 5… good traction and steering control.

Safety: 4 out of 5 … standard safety features, good seats and excellent brakes.

Value 3 out of 5… this car is certainly good for you at $44,700 if you want a speeding machine that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Tech Specifics

Body: 2 door, 4 person car

Engine: 5.4 liter, v8 engine with 500 hp performance.

Transmission: 6 speed manual.

Torque: 480 at 4500 (ft-lb)

Power: 500 hp at 6000 rpm

Tires: 18 inch radial.

Verdict: affordable and stylish sports car that rules the road.

 For: great performance and looks!

Against: hardly any cons but unnecessary and uncomfortable rear seats.

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