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Ford Mustang Review: 2008 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible performance with style

The new 2008 launch from the Ford family brings 8 different trims ranging from Deluxe to Premium family coupe to convertible, v6 to v8 powerful engine. The 2008 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible has been aimed at combining performance with style and it does so quite easily. The premium convertible offers a rare blend of comfort, convenience, style and sport and is easily one of the superior cars of the year, especially among the Mustangs.
The standard v8 engine performs very well by achieving about 15 to 23 mpg in the city and on highways. It has a capacity of 4.6 liter and gives about 300 hp for 5750 rpm. The car comes with standard overdrive 5 speed transmission (manual) and optional 5 speed automatic transmission. As with other 2008 Mustangs, this convertible has a stylish soft cloth top with color options. The car’s exterior is robust and looks elegant with a selection of several colors and optional metal finish.

For everyday use, this car is excellent and as a convertible, the sporty feel is ideal for an open air drive on a weekend. But the car might not perform too well for a travel vacation. The legendary Mustang effect is obvious when the car is on the road. It simply grabs attention! Customers are already raving about the precision handling, brakes and traction of this new Mustang, though some wish for a GT performance shifter. It is speedy and sporty and customers love the combination of elegance and fun! The car is good even on rainy days, remaining cozy and dry. A road test could not find any fault with the car and It simply outshines its predecessors.

You might want to go for this trim, it performs better than the others and has no cons, it seems. And the car comes with special packages for a few extra bucks. So you could benefit from special lighting, safety and appearance or upgrade packages. Ultimately, a great car for the price.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. Good engine at 300 hp. Power and control with fuel economy and moderately environment friendly.

Transmission: 4 out of 5…. Good 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive for convenience.

Handling: 3 out of 5

Safety: 4 out of 5 … reasonable safety features as per standards. The airbags and panic alarm, along with the SecurLock anti-theft. Active anti-theft option available.

Value 3 out of 5… $32,000 is just about okay for this Mustang, though the car could do with some more features for that price.

Tech Specifics

Body: 2 door 4 passenger seater convertible with soft cloth top and elegant exterior.

Engine: 4.6 liter v8 engine.

Transmission: 5 speed manual transmission is the standard feature of the GT premium convertible.

Torque: 320 at 4500 (ft-lbs)

Power: 300 hp at 5750 rpm.

Tires: 17 inch radial tires with front (independent suspension) and rear (live suspension). 235 mm. rack and pinion steering, rear wheel driven with front and rear disc brakes.

Verdict: a good car to show off and affordable for a Mustang.

 For: styling is perfect and the car is great to handle on any road.

Against: rear seating could do with more leg space.

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