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Ford Mustang Review: 2008 Ford Mustang V6 Premium Convertible worth buying

Expect the Ford Mustang to deliver the unexpected. The retro legend is back with a bang and succeeds in getting the wow. Every mustang is like a driver’s dream come true and the new 2008 Ford Mustang v6 premium convertible delivers the dream in every open air drive down the road. It matches style with comfort and performs well, convenient for daily sue and sporty for the occasional long drive on a weekend.This convertible seems like it was made to turn heads. The classy look of the retro model is retained and yet, there is a distinct improvement in the 2008 model. This 2 door premium convertible has a reasonably powerful 12 valve 4.0 liter engine, humming at 210 hp for 5300 rpm. The robust look of the car hides the cozy interiors. It is a rear wheel driven convertible with superior braking (with front and rear power vented disc brakes) and suspension, with stabilizer bar and good shock absorbers. The transmission ranks very high, with a design of 5 speed manual and optional 5 speed automatic transmission. The handy rack and pinion power steering control gives the driver a good grip over the car and the cruise control helps matters.

The inbuilt safety package comes with good airbags, pretensioners, 3 point seatbelts, panic alarm, crash sensors, automatic locking retractors and of course, the Securilock anti-theft mechanism. Options for the convertible include a Sirius Satellite Radio, an engine block heater and anti-lock brakes for 4 wheels. The multiple-function keyless remote is convenient, as is the illuminated entry. As far as the sound system is concerned, the Shaker and mp3 player could do with improvement, but this is a car and the focus is naturally on the performance. The bucket seats are good and the car is not lacking in room. sunvisors, tinted glass, power windows and air conditioning are common features, and the convertible cloth top is very nice.

The alloy wheels with the chrome spinner look good and metallic paint can give the car some more style. In all, the car scores well on looks, performance and reliability: A wise investment indeed worth all the money.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. v6 works well, but could certainly do better.

Transmission: 4 out of 5…. Very good manual transmission.

Handling: 4 out of 5… excellent steering and stability.

Safety: 4 out of 5 … high standard safety features.

Value 4 out of 5… at about $26,500 this car is definitely great value for your money.

Tech Specifics

Body: 4 passenger car with 2 doors

Engine: 12 valve v6, with 6 cylinders, 4.0 liter and 210 hp.

Transmission: 5 speed manual and optional 5 speed automatic.

Torque: 240 at 3500 in ft-lb

Power: 210 at 5300 rpm

Tires: 16 inch 215 mm. radial tires, rear and front disc brakes. Rack and pinion steering.

Verdict: sturdy, sport and stylish car for everyday use. Worth every dollar.

 For: smooth drive, good mileage and nice looks.

Against: mostly pros and hardly any cons.

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