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What if I Buy a Car with Structural Damage

There are vehicles sold at auction that have damage that is more than just skin deep.  However this is not always a reason to run.  The auction facility is obliged to disclose structural damage and savvy buyers can pick up absolute bargains that, with proper repair work, can turn into sound vehicles.


The cost for buying the damaged vehicle might be low, but any repairs that might be required could be seriously costly. Going forwards for the months and years ahead that you own the vehicle, many more hidden costs may arise which might make the vehicle much more expensive than originally expected.


Insurance can be expensive for most vehicles but for those that have sustained damage already, you can usually expect to pay a premium on your insurance – Some insurers may not even cover you at all due to the risk being too high! Before purchasing your new vehicle, get some quotes for insurance online and consider whether buying that cheaper car is worthwhile after all.


Closely consider where you are buying your damaged vehicle from – is it a reputable dealership or a private seller? Regardless of where you choose to buy from, ensure that you do as much research as possible and always ensure that they provide details of the vehicles damage and how it was sustained. Remember to always ask the seller plenty of questions and be cautious if they are unable to provide you with full answers. Ultimately, inspect the car well yourself and assess the damage in person before making any decisions whether it is the right vehicle for you.

Resale value

You might purchase your vehicle cheaply, but the price is going to drop even further if you try to resell it in the future. Any car reduces its resale value as soon as it is driven off the sale room forecourt never mind a car that has suffered structural damage. This is why most car experts recommend only buying a structurally damaged car if you are expecting to keep the car until the end of its lifetime.


The most important aspect of any vehicle is of course safety. Once you have purchased your damaged vehicle, we recommend taking it to a reputable mechanic to check the level of damage to the cars structure. Some structural components of a car are much easier to fix than others but ensure that the damage to fixed to a level where safety hasn’t been compromised to your vehicle. As well as protecting yourself and others, your insurer won’t pay out if you did have an accident if your car wasn’t deemed to be safe and road worthy.

Before ever buying a structurally damaged car, take a while to closely examine the damage that has been sustained and access if you have the skills to fix it and whether it is a cost effective option for you. If you ever have any doubts, get in touch with a local, reputable mechanic who will be able to offer you assistance and guidance on whether they believe it is a good purchase and the repairs that will be needed.

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