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If there is a single action that you can take to make the auction process safer, it is deciding to take a mechanic with you to an auto auction. Not only does this make sense from a common-sense standpoint, but it can provide you with a number benefits that you may not have thought of yet. Regardless of what auction you attend, there is some element of risk involved because you cannot actually drive the vehicle before you purchase it. Plus, you can’t return it if you end up deciding that it was an ill-advised purchase. Here is a quick look at some of the most important reasons that you should take a mechanic with you to an auto auction.

One of the biggest and most overlooked benefits of taking a mechanic to an auto auction is that it helps you remain realistic. If you think that you have found a great deal on a car that still needs a little work then it is easy to convince yourself that getting it fixed up will be no problem. By having a mechanic with you at the auction, you will stay grounded. A mechanic will not only let you know what will need to be fixed, but also let you know if the needed repairs could be a sign of something more serious and more expensive. Mechanics have gained a lot of experiences over the course of their careers which you simply don’t have, because you simply don’t have thousands of difference car repair experiences to draw upon. As a result, they can tell you how much work is really needed. This is not only important for people who plan on sending their new purchase directly to get fixed, but also those who plan on trying to fix everything themselves. If you are thinking about fixing everything yourself, then having someone outline everything that you will need to do is essential to helping you stay honest with yourself.

Another benefit of taking a mechanic with you to an auto auction is that they know how to spot damage cover-ups. This is particularly helpful at public auctions where dealerships or lending institutions may try to make the car look and sound much more stable than it actually is. A mechanic knows the tricks that can be used to improve the look and feel of a vehicle without investing a lot of money into repairs. This information will help you determine what your maximum bid should be because you can factor in the expected expenses. Keep in mind that the mechanic isn’t there to tell you which car to buy, but rather to help you factor the potential expenses into your final bid ceiling.

On the flip-side, a mechanic also helps you spot the real diamonds at the auction. As an average car buyer, it is easy to get caught up in how something looks. This often causes high quality, reliable cars to get overlooked because they had some body damage that looked more serious than it really is. If your primary goal is to find a quality vehicle with less regard to overall aesthetics, then a mechanic will definitely help you spot the “real” best cars at the auction.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons to take a mechanic with you to an auto auction. In the end, they can help you save money and make a smart purchase. They do this by alerting you to any necessary repairs, potential repairs, and even potentially hidden damage that no one can see. This will allow you to adjust your bid in order to compensate for the necessary repairs. Additionally, a mechanic can spot a lemon as well as the hidden gems.

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