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Buy Quality Motorcycles at Tempe Gov Auctions

Many people don't realize that they can buy quality motorcycles at Tempe gov auctions.  This means that there is a huge gap in supply and demand.  With a growing supply of motor cycles at government auctions but a demand that remains relatively low, the prices naturally shrink.  If you are in the market for a used motor cycle, then Tempe gov auctions might be your best option.

When people think of government auctions, they often think about fleet cars.  However, another huge portion of property at government auctions are items that have been taken by the IRS or other government entities.  This is where a majority of motorcycles come from.  Keep in mind, there are also a growing number of motorcycles that are in the government fleet, which means that some of those motorcycles may be from there as well.

When you buy quality motorcycles at Tempe gov auctions, it is important to decide which source you would prefer.  So which of these motorcycle sources is better – fleet or repossessed?  In the end, neither option is necessarily better than the other, however there are high and low points of each.  From a fleet motorcycle you can expect about the same level of quality that you would from other government fleet vehicles.  In some cases, they are in even better condition because they may not have been used on a regular basis.  You can also be fairly certain that the motorcycle was regularly maintained.  The primary drawback is that there are likely only a limited number of makes and models to choose from. 

If you instead decide to target motorcycles that have been repossessed by the government then there are several potential benefits.  The first is that you will have a much wider selection in terms of makes and models.  Another benefit is that because these motorcycles were not used on daily basis for a specific purpose, there is a good chance that you will be able to find motorcycles will a much lower mileage.  The biggest potential drawback is that you will have a less concrete idea about how well the motorcycle was maintained by its previous owner.  While this isn't an immediate problem, it could raise your risk of needing to invest in repairs after you purchase it.  You also don't know how long the motorcycle has been “sitting” idle just waiting to be sold. 

As you can see, if you are looking to buy quality motorcycles at Tempe gov auctions, there are two basic types that you will be choosing from.  While neither are inherently better than the other, which means they are likely all of high quality, there are some differences.  For example, a government fleet motorcycle will have a high likelihood of being well maintained thus far, whereas with former privately owned motorcycles, this fact will be a mystery.  On the other hand, fleet motorcycles will normally have a higher total mileage.  Regardless of which option you choose, both are likely to be of very high quality.  More importantly, because of comparatively small demand, they will definitely be affordable.

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