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Archive for: July 2011

July 29, 2011

Buy Cheap Government Vehicles Today at Rochester Auto Auctions

Filed under: Auto Auctions - 29 Jul 2011

If you want to buy cheap government vehicles today at Rochester auto auctions, then it is important to know which models tend to go cheaper than the rest.  While nearly every vehicle is going to be cheaper than if you …

July 26, 2011

Smart Deals Available At Repo Car Auctions In Moreno Valley, CA

Filed under: Repo Car Auction - 26 Jul 2011

There are smart deals available at repo car auctions in Moreno Valley, CA as long as you know how to spot them.  The biggest problem that many people run into is that they think they see a great deal, when …

July 22, 2011

Amazing Deals at Anaheim Gov Auto Auctions

Filed under: Government Auctions - 22 Jul 2011

There are a lot of amazing deals at Anaheim gov auto auctions. Just like any other auction, the people who find the best deals are the ones who know where and how to find them. There are two different strategies …

July 18, 2011

Cheap Diesel Cars For Sale At Westminster Auto Auctions

Filed under: Auto Auctions - 18 Jul 2011

Finding cheap diesel cars for sale at Westminster, CO auto auctions is surprisingly common.  When most people think of diesel cars, they immediately picture the smog machines of the 1970’s and 80’s.  The truth is that today they are more …

July 15, 2011

Buy Cheap Motor Vehicles At Michigan Online Auctions

Filed under: Online Auto Auctions - 15 Jul 2011

More people are looking to buy cheap motor vehicles at Michigan online auctions than ever before.  There are a variety of different reasons for this as well as varying levels of success.  The key is to determine what type of …

July 11, 2011

Nevada Police Auctions Have Confiscated Cars For Sale

Filed under: Police Auctions - 11 Jul 2011

Much like the rest of the country, Nevada police auctions have confiscated cars for sale.  The popularity of these types of auto auctions have been consistently increasing as the media continues to report the deals that are commonplace.  A lot …

July 8, 2011

Popular SUVs Going Cheap at Torrance Auto Auctions

Filed under: Auto Auctions - 08 Jul 2011

If you know where to look, there are a growing number of popular SUVs going cheap at Torrance auto auctions.  Torrance is often overlooked by people who want to buy an SUV at an auto auction.  This is primarily due …

July 4, 2011

Find Quality Motor Vehicles At Oregon County Auctions

Filed under: County Auctions - 04 Jul 2011

More people are trying to find quality motor vehicles at Oregon county auctions and are finding success. The key is not only getting a great deal, but being able to identify which vehicles are of a high quality and which …