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More people are looking to buy cheap motor vehicles at Michigan online auctions than ever before.  There are a variety of different reasons for this as well as varying levels of success.  The key is to determine what type of auction is best suited to your particular resources and choose the right one.  The biggest reason that some people have problems succeeding with online auctions is because they are using a format that isn’t really compatible with their strategy.  Fortunately, by understanding what types of auctions there are, you can make sure that you maximize your chances for success.

3 Types of Michigan Online Auctions

There are several different types of auctions that have become commonplace in the Michigan area.  In order to successfully buy cheap motor vehicles at Michigan online auctions, it is imperative that you understand what they are.

The first type of auction is probably the format that you are most familiar with.  It mirrors popular online auction sites like EBay.  There will be a large listing of available motor vehicles as well as a closing time for the bidding.  You can then place your maximum bid on one or more of the cars that interest you.  If someone places a bid higher than your current bid, the online auction site will place another bid for you until the amount reaches your maximum bid.  This type of auction is typically better suited for people who don’t have the time to closely monitor the auction.  You can simply place your maximum bid and let the site take care of the rest.  Keep in mind, that if this the type of online auction that you want to use, it is a good idea to only bid on one car at a time otherwise you could end up winning two or three cars and not being able to afford all of them.

The second type of auction is a pre-bid auction.  This style is becoming much more popular with Michigan online auctions.  It is set up so that you can see the listing a week or two before a live auction.  You also have the ability to place a bid on whatever vehicle you want.  Then a live auction will be held.  A proxy bidder will place your bids for you at the live auction until the amount surpasses your maximum bid.  Insofar as what you do, this style of auction is the same as the first one.  The only difference is at the end of the online portion, a live auction is held as well.
The final way to buy cheap motor vehicles at Michigan online auctions is using the live-online model.  With this type you auction, you are bidding online during a live auction.  In most cases, you will access to one or more web cams that are streaming a live video feed of a live auction.  You can then place a bid in real time and a representative will then relay that bid to the auctioneer.  This style of auction is particularly useful for people who are already comfortable with how live auctions work.  Plus, you need to have the time available to actually sit in front of your computer to place your bids.  The benefit to using this format is that you don’t have to worry about accidentally placing winning bids on multiple cars because you do not place any bids before the auction begins.  It plays out exactly as if you were at the auction in person.

None of these types of online auctions are inherently better than the others.  The key is determining what type of auction best fits your current situation.  If you don’t have the time to take part in a live online auction, then placing a pre-bid is the way to go.  To get the best possible results with either of the first two auction formats, you should still check in every other day to see where you stand.  By doing this, you can make sure that you always have an active bid.  Once your maximum bid has been exceeded on a particular vehicle, there is no reason that you shouldn’t find another car that you like and bid on that one instead.  This will give you the maximum opportunity for success.

If you want to buy cheap cars at Michigan online auctions, then understanding the format is critical.  If you don’t know how it will run, then you won’t be able to implement a successful strategy.  Everyone has a different bidding strategy and its success is completely dependent on the style of auction.  Fortunately, you can find out what type of auction you are participating in with little effort as every website will let you know.  Keep in mind that many of the best Michigan online auction sites will host multiple formats, so it is important to double-check the details of every auction before placing your bid.

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