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Nevada Police Auctions Have Confiscated Cars For Sale

Much like the rest of the country, Nevada police auctions have confiscated cars for sale.  The popularity of these types of auto auctions have been consistently increasing as the media continues to report the deals that are commonplace.  A lot of people have at least a passing interest in what is offered, however few people actually do anything about it.  This is great news for the people who do take advantage of what they auctions have to offer the general public.  If you haven’t attended a Nevada police auction, then may still have some questions that need answers.  Here is a quick look at some of the most common questions and their answers.

Where Do the Confiscated Cars For Sale at Nevada Police Auctions Come From?

The cars that the police confiscate and impound can come from a variety of different sources.  The most common reason that the police will confiscate a car is because the driver has violated the driving law in some way.  In most cases, it is something fairly simple like not having a driver’s license or driving without insurance.  When this happens, the driver gets a ticket and the car is towed away.  The police must confiscate the car because it is not considered road worthy if the driver can’t legally drive.  Another common reason is that the driver is legally intoxicated, which again results in the car getting towed away.  A much rarer occurrence is the police seizing the car because it was involved in some sort of serious crime.  Most of the time, it would be because the car was transporting drugs of some kind.  Regardless of where they came from, they can all be found at Nevada police auctions.

How Is It Legal For Nevada Police Auctions to Have Confiscated Cars For Sale?

If you have never had your car towed away by the police before, then you may not understand how it is legal for the Nevada police to place these cars in their auctions.  Regardless of why the car is confiscate, the owner has a certain window of time where they can reclaim their car.  In order to do this, they must pay whatever fines resulted from their crime as well as towing and storage fees for the car.  If they do not make all of these payments, then the car becomes the property of the police.  Obviously the police don’t need thousands of confiscated autos, so they auction them off.  This is legal because when they owner decided to abandon their car, it became the property of the local government.  In order to recoup the costs associated with towing and storing these vehicles, the government places them in auctions.  Plus, since they become the property of the government, you will get a clean title whenever you purchase a confiscated vehicle from a Nevada police auction.

How Can You Find Out About Upcoming Nevada Police Auctions With Confiscated Cars For Sale?

Depending on where you are in Nevada, there could be several different ways that you can find out about these auctions.  In many cases, there will be a classified in the local newspaper, however this is becoming less common.  In order to save money, many Nevada police auctions team up with online auction sites.  These sites will post notices about upcoming auctions as well as have an updated listing.  Another common option is to see a schedule of government auctions on the city or county website, although there is little guarantee that these calendars are updated regularly.  In most cases, they will have only tentative dates.

It is important to look at all police auctions during your search.  Some people make the mistake of only looking for confiscated car auctions, however these types of auctions can be under a lot of different titles.  For example, some police auctions will include both fleet vehicles and confiscated vehicles and the auction title may only refer to it as a government property sale.  Another common title for these types of auctions are police impound auctions.  These auctions will often only have cars, but can sometimes have other confiscated property as well.

Now that you have a better understanding of the details surrounding Nevada police auctions with confiscated cars for sale, you can find the next one and try to lock in a great deal.  These types of auctions are well known for providing great deals on high quality, reliable used cars.

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