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Amazing Deals at Anaheim Gov Auto Auctions

There are a lot of amazing deals at Anaheim gov auto auctions. Just like any other auction, the people who find the best deals are the ones who know where and how to find them. There are two different strategies that are consistently successful, depending on what you are looking for. Here is a quick overview of both strategies, as well as the types of vehicles that you will most likely find with each of them.

Find Amazing Deals at Anaheim Gov Auto Auctions By Targeting Bulk Available

The first strategy is to target the vehicles that highest level of availability. Most government auctions try to provide a wide variety in terms of selection, however there will always be some types of cars and trucks that will be there in much higher numbers. By targeting these types of vehicles you gain two benefits. The first is that your research time will be lessened because you only have a few different models to learn more about. The second benefit is that because so many are available, you will see at least a handful of them that go for very low prices.

In recent auctions, there were several types of vehicles that fell into this category. The first was the Chevy Impala. A majority of these mid-sized sedans were an ethanol/gas blend and ranged from being 2 to 5 years old. The mileage varied greatly from under 30,000 miles to over 100,000. The Chevy Malibu fell into this category as well and had the same basic makeup, expect that they were primarily only gas powered.

If you are interested in a truck, then targeting the Ford F Series is normally going to be your best bet. The F150 usually dominates these listings, however at some auctions the F350 has a high level of availability as well. These trucks tend to range from nearly a decade old to only a year or two. There are also a wide variety of cab styles and engines as well.

Find Amazing Deals at Anaheim Gov Auto Auctions By Targeting Minimum Availability

The other strategy is to find vehicles in which there is only one or two available at the auction. This strategy is counterintuitive to most people because there is a real chance that the competition for those vehicles could be high, which would drive up the price. The reason that this strategy works is because most auction-goers aren’t going to attend the auction if there is only one or two available. They will find another nearby auction that offers then a higher chance of success. This means that any competition that you face will likely have only a general interest in the vehicle you target.

One example of this type of vehicle is the Chevy Suburban. There are few and far between, so when you find an auction with them, there will only be one or two available. Normally they will be about 5 years old. The Chevy Avalanche and Honda Accord will likely be in this category as well.

If you are on the hunt for amazing deals at California gov auto auctions, then using one of these two strategies will likely be your best hope of finding success. If you immediately need another vehicle, then first strategy
is the best match, but if you can wait for a little bit, then the second strategy is worth a look.

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