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Car Auctions

Police Auctions For Seized Cars In Hawaii

Many people hesitate to go to police auctions as they feel that the quality of cars available here is not good and that they will only find ramshackle old vehicles here. This is not so, go to police auctions for seized cars In Hawaii and come across some of the swankiest cars here. Police auctions also have a… Read More »

Auto Auctions

Make High Profits On California Seized Cars

Making high profits on California seized cars can be possible if you are familiar with the right procedure of participating in government auctions. The various government departments possess used vehicles, which they want to replace with new ones. Or, there are vehicles seized or repossessed from the criminals and defaulters of car loans. As these… Read More »

Car Auctions

Different Car Makes Found at Government Auctions

Different car makes found at government auctions are well maintained vehicles. You can find different models of vehicles for such auction kept cleaned, maintained for optimum performance, and have variety of colors and styles. A vehicle purchased from used car auctions conducted by federal agencies or police is perfect for personal usage. If you wish… Read More »

Car Auctions

How to Bid at Online Car Auctions?

Lot of people wish to learn how to bid at online car auctions because online auction over the years have become a popular choice for bidders. You get a chance to buy cheap cars from such online auctions, which are mostly held by government agencies. Both local auctions as well as national auctions can be… Read More »

Car Auctions

Reserve Prices at Government Vehicle Auctions

Reserve prices at Government vehicle auctions refer to the prices seller sets, minimum amounts for which deals would be settled between sellers and purchasers. Every month across the US, hundreds and thousands of seized vehicles by various Government Agencies like FBI, IRS, DEA and Police Departments are auctioned off to public. Such Government vehicle auctions… Read More »

Car Auctions

Sources of Vehicles at Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions are very common among people who want to buy well maintained used cars at dirt cheap prices. These auctions are conducted periodically across the nation. There are absolutely no specifications or eligibilities for attending or bidding for a car at used car auctions conducted by the government. Luxury cars are a specialty… Read More »

Government Auctions

No Dealers Licence to Bid at Government Auctions?

Thousands of cars are sold at government auctions at unbelievable prices. These cars are acquired through asset recoveries, remarketed vehicles, insurance losses, fleet vehicles, impounded vehicles, repossessed vehicles, theft recoveries, damaged or collisions vehicles, salvage vehicles and Lein law foreclosures, government seized vehicles and previously leased vehicles. These vehicles are handed over to consignors for… Read More »

Car Auctions

Locate New Jersey Police State Auctions

Locating New Jersey police station auctions are very easy. They have some of the best process and vehicles see in the nation. These vehicles would be in amazing condition with all their papers intact. These auctions see police fleet being sold off. Police require their fleet of vehicles to be changed after a predetermined period… Read More »

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