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Government Auctions In Georgia For Impounded Cars

If you want a cheap car then the government auctions in Georgia for impounded cars is the best place for you to look for your used car. Cars at these repo auctions which have impounded cars are sold at ridiculously low prices and sometimes you wonder whether there is a hidden factor for this reason. Actually there isn’t one. The only reason these vehicles are sold so cheap is because they have to be disposed off as early as possible. The cost of storing and maintaining these vehicles is very high and the government gets drained of so much of money because there are thousands of cars being confiscated every day. Selling them cheap at auctions, helps in disposing of them fast, as there is more exposure to the public here. You will find impounded cars at used car auctions, police auctions and government auctions.

Short list cars of your choice

Search for cars on the internet at all the auctions and short list those which you find suitable for yourself. Always keep a few cars in mind because if your select only one and then do not get it while bidding you will have to return empty handed. Instead if you have the choice of a few you can always bid for another one if one does not happen. Before you g o in for bidding remember to do some research on all the cars you have short listed. Find out the market value of similar cars and also get the history of the car from Carfax by giving them the VIN numbers of these cars. Now you are fully armed to start bidding for the cars of your choice at the vehicle auctions as you know the condition as well as the market value and can bid for them at the right cost.

Learn to bid at auctions

Bidding at auctions is not easy and if this is the first time for you, you could get unnerved and not be able to go about it confidently. It is advisable to attend a few auctions without bidding and just to watch the other experts at it. This way you will gain some experience and then when it is your turn to bid will not be so lost at an auction. Remember that there will car dealers who are experts at bidding and are used to clinching many deals as this is their business. When you have to bid against such people you will need to have your wits around you and be really smart. Never start your bids too high as this will only escalate the price of the vehicle as the bidding goes forward. Instead start low and go forward slowly. This will keep a control on the final price of the car.

Locate auctions and mark the dates

While searching for your cars online you will come across information on the auctions which are going to take place in your town. Make a note of these dates in your diary as you do not want to miss out on them. These auctions keep happening at regular intervals and if you miss out on one remember that there will be another one coming up soon.

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