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Government car auctions are very common among people who want to buy well maintained used cars at dirt cheap prices. These auctions are conducted periodically across the nation. There are absolutely no specifications or eligibilities for attending or bidding for a car at used car auctions conducted by the government. Luxury cars are a specialty in US government auctions. These vehicles are government property since they have violated laws. The cheap cars are every man’s dream come true.

The government gets these cars from various avenues. But in general a vehicle that has been purchased using a federal or state government contract, then it can be sold at government auctions. Thus one can imagine the huge number of vehicles that can be put up for auction all across the nation. The US government has many departments and levels of government across the nation. The government vehicles are got from the Federal Government, State Government, Fire and emergency services, Local Councils organizations, Police Services and departments including Sheriffs and Marshal Department, religious groups and other non profit organizations, universities and other education organizations, hospitals and ambulance services. In addition to this vast source form the government and its services, there are thousands of repossessed and seized vehicles that are included for auctioning in the vehicle auctions.

Police force and most of the government offices require changing their vehicle fleet once in a while whatever the condition of the vehicles. Thus vehicles which are very well maintained and in good condition are put up for sale at police auctions. These auctions also have confiscated or seized cars. Confiscation of vehicles takes place mostly due to nonpayment of loan taken. The banks and financial institutions entrust the government services for the sale of these confiscated vehicles so as to get their loan amount back. Still other cars are seized due to history of criminal activity like drug peddling and contraband dealings by their owners. The vehicles involved in these criminal activities are confiscated and put up for auction.

There are many cars that are discovered abandoned by police or other government officials. Some cars involved in accidents damaged and undamaged have no takers at the end of story. Sometimes stolen cars are found abandoned. All these cars find their way to government auctions. Once the cars reach the backyard they are listed and their papers checked. The taxes of all the cars are paid. Their papers are updated so that future owners have no problem. The cars are serviced and cleaned up. Sometimes some cars are sent to neighboring local auctions for sale. Once a date and venue of an auction is fixed the list of cars are made available to prospective buyers. The cars have to be bid for and the winning bidder takes home the car of choice.

The cost of maintaining and storing the huge number of cars is very high and the government prefers to sell these cars at the earliest. The auction price does not matter to them at all. Their main aim is quick disposal.

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