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What To Expect From A Good Extended Auto Warranty

With almost everybody going in for extended auto warranties on their vehicles, a large number of companies offering the same have mushroomed up both online and offline. Unfortunately, the sole aim of many of these companies is simply to make money from the consumer without offering him or her anything in return apart from a piece of useless paper. If you want your extended auto warranty to actually save you money, then make sure that it covers the following—
Wear and Tear: The maximum number of car problems arise because of wear and tear, but most warranties do not cover this unless and until you specifically go for one that does. Always go for an extended auto warranty that will pay for repairs resulting from wear and tear, even if it costs a little more.
Overheating: There are a large number of extended auto warranties that will not pay for repairs or replacements if a part malfunctions because of overheating. This is something that is generally mentioned in the fine print, so be careful that you read this clause and get it omitted somehow, since it is highly expected that you might have to go in for very costly repairs as a result of overheating, especially if you have ABS brakes.
Rental and Towing: One more very significant cost that most warranty companies do not want to pay. Rental and towing charges can easily burn a hole in your pocket if your car gives up somewhere far away from a garage, and this is a common occurrence on highways. Make sure that your extended auto warranty covers both rental and towing charges for your vehicle.
Direct dealing between customer and repair shops: There is no dearth of warranty companies that will make you pay for repairs first and then make you grovel to get your money back. It is definitely a much better option to choose a warranty company that pays the repair shops directly without your having to part with your cash whenever you take your car in for repairs.
No deductibles: There is actually no point in going for an extended car warranty if you have to pay a certain amount of money every time you take your car to the mechanic for repairs on whenever you get a part changed. It is much better to pay a little extra and go for a full fledged warranty that does not require you to pay anything apart from the warranty charges, period.
Transferable: You never know when you might plan to sell you car, but if and when you do, a car warranty that accompanies your car even when it changes hands can really help you in getting a better deal for your car. Buy an extended car warranty that gets transferred with the title.
Money-Back guarantee: While most reputable warranty companies will not disappoint you, now and then, everybody lags back when it comes to delivering good service. Almost all good companies offer a sixty day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your auto warranty, so make sure that you buy one that gives you this option too.

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