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Volvo S60 Review: 2008 Volvo S60: Promising Luxury

The new Volvo 208 model called S60 is an attempt by the Swedish giant to launch an affordable luxury sedan. Volvo has 2 other models, the famous sporty S40 and the famous luxury S80, which leaves this particular S60 hovering in the middle of the range. But surprisingly, the S60 has had more sales volume than either of its cousins. A road test and some detailed examination reveals why.
This car is very stylish and vies well for the tag of luxury car. As a sedan, it delivers a good performance on most roads, but the handling can get a bit sluggish at times and this is one area where the S60 needs significant redesigning. The car does well on city roads but coughs and sputters on too many bumps. With its 3 different trims of turbocharged five cylinder engines, the S60 aims at comfort, luxury and some fun. On the exterior, this car has very polished, sophisticated look while the interior is ergonomically designed more for comfort than for looks. But the rear could do with some more leg space. Right now, it could pose a problem for taller people.
Among the three trims, the 2.5T comes with many standard features, while the athleticism is displayed by the other trim, the T5. The third of the trio, the R has been designed with better suspension for great performance, and some special features. With an excellent Dolby audio system, the car is perfect for long drives. The safety features are excellent, and the car performed very well in crash test drives. The transmission is 5 or 6 sped manual or automatic, according to the trim. The engine specifics vary slightly between trims, but overall the S60 performs reasonably well when needed.
In all, we could say that the S60 has been aging gracefully and could do better in a few areas, like a much needed enhancement of stamina, but on an average, the car has been well received. It is convenient, safe, comfortable and luxurious, and a Volvo, a combination people would love to own.

Engine: 3 out of 5….. The car definitely can do better with some redesigning in the engine. Right now, it is good for city driving.

Transmission: 3 out of 5…. Easy controlled manual and automatic transmission in all 3 trims.
Handling: 3 out of 5… good in safe driving condition. Gets tough on bumpy terrain.
Safety: 4 out of 5 … Volvo hasn’t compromised on safety yet. Perfect family car.
Value 3 out of 5… a good pick at $ 30,000 to $33,000 if you are not too concerned about speed and performance.
Tech Specs
Body: stylish exteriors, meant for 4 passengers.

Engine: turbocharged and 5 cylinder engine available with variations in capacity and hp.
Transmission: manual and automatic 5-6 speed transmission in each trim.

Torque: 236 at 1500 (ft-lbs) for the 2.5T

Power: 208 hp at 5000 rpm in 2.5T

Tires: radial tires with front and rear disc brakes.

Verdict: good car for luxury, convenience and styling. Not for speed enthusiasts.
For: style and comfort.
Against: performance is slightly disappointing.

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