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Things to follow at live car auctions

Car auctions are great places to buy cheap cars in good condition. However, you need to know certain things to participate and win your bid in live car auctions. Without any knowledge about auctions, you will not be able to get the best deal. Many people including car dealers will participate in the auction aiming at buying their favorite car at low prices. You must beat your competitors, win the bid, and buy the car you want.

When you decide to buy a car from live auctions, you have to visit the auction place in before the auction. This will help you understand the auction process and minimize your errors. If you are an inexperienced bidder, it is essential to visit several auctions and observe the process before investing your money in a car. Inspecting a car before bidding is essential to know the worth of the car. You have to determine the bid amount based on the condition of the car. If possible, you can take a mechanic with you to examine the car.

The time at which auctions are held has major influence on the price of the car. Many police auctions are held in the weekends to facilitate everybody to participate in the auction. You can expect much competition from experienced bidders in the weekend auctions. Private buyers will bid more increasing the amount of money you have to invest. On the other hand, you can save money if you take part in the auctions conducted in weekdays. Private sellers will not be interested in auctions conducted in the months of November and December.

Amateur bidders cannot win the bid in live car auctions. You have to look like a professional to buy the car you wish. In the used car auctions, you can take a partner along with you and let him bid while you stay out. You have to give signals to your partner to continue bidding. This is a good practice if you are a new bidder who wishes to buy a car from the live auctions. The partner you choose is important for to make a successful bid. You need to exchange signals with your partner during vehicle auctions to stop him when you want to.

Buyers’ premium is often overlooked by many bidders. You have to pay this amount in addition to your bid amount but it gives a minimum warranty about the car. You have to pay this money to the auctioneers and you don’t have to take HPI test because the car has the warranty. If the auctioneers demand buyers’ premium, try to buy your car from that live auction.

Many new bidders are not aware of paying money to finalize their bid. Before getting into the auction, you have to deposit money in your bank account and inform your bank of large cash withdrawals. Avoid using credit cards and use debit cards or cash to make bid payments. Before participating in the live car auction, make necessary payments to your back account. Some auctioneers want you to show a proof of your financial status.

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