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Testing BMW 1 Series Coupe: Review 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 135i

Luxury is redefined with the 1 series from BMW. The luxury car manufacturer has now introduced the latest car series from its stable. As always BMW never disappoints. The new 1 series is exciting, luxurious and yes, well designed. It is obvious that BMW has put maximum efforts into this series. User reviews have given the series a thumbs up, but let us see for ourselves what this series has on offer, especially the 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 135i.

Good looks

Touted to be a legend of sorts in the smaller size luxury car segment of the market, the 1 series coupe from BMW is a trendsetter of sorts. The convertible, especially with the cloth top has been well received and this has reduced the overall weight of the car as well, which would be higher with a hard top cover. Although a luxury car model, it has a sporty feel to it because of the rear wheel drive mechanism, which is one great design. The interiors are cozy, although the backseat is a little short on space and cramped. This could be ideal for a solo drive down a highway but slightly uncomfortable for occupants of the backseat. The model also has a Sports Package if needed. Pearl gloss finishing adds sheen to the surfaces. The convertible also has a great sun reflective leather setup to cool down the seats in hot weather. This is a good innovation.

Driving force

The engine has the twin turbocharged feature and is 6 cylinder and 3 liters (inline). It comes with a standard M aerodynamic kit. The torque is also good, with 300 lb-ft and yes; the 300 hp also deserves a mention. But the pulling power could have been higher. 155 km/hr is the top speed as tested by experts. The car achieves acceleration from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.3 s. the engine coolant works well to save fuel while achieving high speeds. The steering offers good control over the entire drive. Testing BMW 1 Series coupe, we find that a long ride is smooth and comfortable in the 2008 BMW 1 Series Coupe 135i. 

New technology

The plush interiors, combined with some top class features like great suspension, transmission and safety features. The model has Dynamic Stability Control mechanism and head protection system for airbags as well. The brake system is simply excellent. But we could manage without the distracting iDrive. The M enthused components work well.  Harmonized lighting system is ensured with LED technology.

In all, the car combines some really good interiors with good engine features. BMW has succeeded once again in bringing out a luxury car that wins appreciation from critics even.  Its pricing is not too much if you consider the value for money. Slightly smaller than your average luxury car, the 1 series 135i coupe could do with some improvements here and there. But overall it makes for a good luxury and sports convertible for anyone who wants to drive in style.

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