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It is becoming more common for people to find success attending Tacoma repo auctions for affordable luxury cars.  Tacoma, like many other cities, have seen some economic troubles over the last few years, which has brought more luxury cars to the auction-block due to repossessions.  The problem that a lot of people run into is that they go about trying to acquire these types of cars in the wrong way, which can end up costing them a lot more than they anticipated.  Fortunately, by understanding the repossession process and how to effectively leverage it, you can get a used luxury car well below market value.

Big Changes in the Tacoma Economy

Most people already know that most cities underwent an economic crises when the housing and investment markets dropped, Tacoma was hit particularly hard.  Along with dealing with these issues, one of their biggest employers left during this period.  Russell Investments had been in Tacoma since it began in 1936, but in 2009 it relocated to Seattle.  While some employees went with it, there was also a large number where found themselves without employment.  Some people argue that it could take more than a few years for the Tacoma area to recover.  This was additional driving force in the rising number of luxury car repossessions in the area.

How a Luxury Car Goes From Repossession to a Tacoma Repo Auction

Once a car is repossessed, the lending institution takes ownership of it.  From there, it is the banks job to turn the car back into cash – ideally recouping the remaining balance on the loan.  In order to do this, they will first try to sell the car themselves.  If that doesn’t work, they will then place the car into a Tacoma repo auction for luxury cars.  If done correctly, this where the buyer can get the best possible deal.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand how to leverage this process in order to get the most affordable luxury cars possible.  There are two critical mistakes that are the most common.  The first mistake is to approach the lending institution directly and try to buy it before the auction.  Banks are out to get as much of the remaining loan paid as possible and that includes both the principle balance and the interest.  If you try to deal with them directly, you will end up taking up the loan where the previous owner left off.  If a luxury car owner is going to default, it will normally be in the first 2 years of buying the vehicle.  This means that you would be taking up a majority of the original principle as well as a growing amount of interest.  If you are looking for affordable luxury cars, this is a huge mistake.

The second big mistake that people make is bidding on the luxury car immediately after the bidding is opened.  When lending institutions first place their luxury cars into a Tacoma repo auction, they will normally set a reserve price that is fairly close to the amount left on the original loan.  This is to recoup all of their costs, plus the interest.  In many cases, it will be even higher because they also have to pay a fee to the auction house based upon the selling price the car.

How to Leverage Tacoma Repo Auctions For Affordable Luxury Cars

If you’re not supposed to buy the car from the lending institution and you aren’t supposed to bid on it right away, then you might be wondering what’s left to do.  What many people don’t realize is that if a car doesn’t sell right away, the lending institution will place it back on the auction block either at that auction for a “second-chance bid” or at the following auction.  Since they know that they won’t get the amount that they want, they will lower the reserve price or completely get rid of it solely to liquidate it.  Remember, banks don’t want physical assets like cars, they want liquid assets – namely cash.  By using this information to your advantage, you can wait until they are desperate to make the sale in order to get the best prices possible.  Many online auction sites will even let you know when the reserve price has been lowered, which makes keeping track of it even easier.

If you have been trying out Tacoma repo auctions for affordable luxury cars and haven’t found much success, then trying to focus on second-chance bids might be what you need to do.  Keep in mind that there will be cases where the luxury car doesn’t have a reserve price, or a very low one.  If this is the case, then there is no reason to wait.  In most cases, however, you will likely need to wait.  It can be difficult to know what the reserve price is, so pay close attention to the opening bid.  Banks can tell the auction house what the opening bid should be, so the higher the opening bid – the higher the reserve price.

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