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November 18, 2014

Why Are Luxury Cars Are So Cheap At Government Auctions

Filed under: Government Auctions - 18 Nov 2014

Anyone who is attended a government auction may have noticed that luxury cars are exceptionally inexpensive. While government auctions are known for providing excellent deals in general, over the past few years’ luxury cars in particular have become very cheap. …

March 4, 2014

Huntington Beach Luxury Seized Cars Sales

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 04 Mar 2014

With the seized car auctions in Huntington Beach, one does not have to wait for their mid-life crisis to get a luxury vehicle. These luxury seized cars are usually impounded from criminals or tax defaulters. Law enforcement officers …

October 15, 2013

Luxury Seized Cars – Find Your Dream Ride in Hialeah FL

Filed under: Seized Car Auctions - 15 Oct 2013

If you are in the market for an inexpensive luxury car in Hialeah FL then seized car auctions might be your best option.  Luxury cars can be seized for a variety of reasons however the overall quality remains fairly similar …

August 25, 2011

Tacoma Repo Auctions For Affordable Luxury Cars

Filed under: Repo Car Auction - 25 Aug 2011

It is becoming more common for people to find success attending Tacoma repo auctions for affordable luxury cars.  Tacoma, like many other cities, have seen some economic troubles over the last few years, which has brought more luxury cars to …