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Suzuki Reno Review: 2008 Suzuki Reno: Beginning a new Era

Technology has crept into every commodity, which we use on a regular basis. It is a common desire for everyone to buy a product having a mix of the latest technology, especially in case of automobiles.

Although there are several carmakers manufacturing cars with advanced technological features, Suzuki has always been known to come up with that little extra for its customers. One of its recent cars, 2008 Suzuki Reno Base, has exciting advanced features for all its users making it to stand out amongst all the cars in the same category. This car seems to be beginning a new era of technologically advanced automobiles.

Exterior & Interior Features

2008 Suzuki Reno
Base has a body that is sure to catch attention of a buyer. In general coming with metal paint finishing, it is an eye-catching sight. The front and rear bumpers are color-keyed. It has tinted power windows. Its exterior lighting has a set of lights for daytime running and it is also provided with a set of halogen headlights for cases where the visibility is low.

Its floor is covered with carpet. The front and rear portion of the car has carpeted floor mats. The car has a manual air conditioning system and simultaneously has heating ducts. The makers of the car provide you with an air filter to keep the interior of the car healthy.

Comfort Features

When you enter the 2008 Suzuki Reno Base, you would see cloth-lined seats, which are similar to the size of the theatre seats, having armrests. The front seats are reclining and the driver seat can be adjusted to the required height. In short, you are in for a very comfortable ride when driving in a 2008 Suzuki Reno Base. When you hold the steering of this car, you are bound to feel very comfortable. The steering is assisted with tilt columns, which also have pinion variable.

Again, the storage feature has a lot to offer to a car owner. It has a glove box, which is illuminated. If you need to store extra items, you have an overhead storage. The seatbacks also have small pockets for storage.

Safety Features

The whole concentration of a car buyer is always set upon the safety features of the automobile. With 2008 Suzuki Reno Base, safety would never be a concern for you. Passengers are provided with airbags that are set off by cut-off sensors (activated by weight). The front side of the car also has side airbags. The driver is provided with an airbag which opens up in two stages. For safety of your children, the car has safety locks in the rear doors, which are locked by an internal switch. Again, this car has disc brakes which facilitate smooth braking.

2008 Suzuki Reno Base is a car that has been specially designed for fulfilling all the desires of an individual from his car, which include advance technology and comfortable driving environment. It has marked the start of a new era in the field of cars.

Tech Specs

: 4-door sedan

Engine: 2.0 liter I4 127 hp

: 4- speed automatic (optional) or 5-speed manual (conventional)

: 131 ft/lbs

127 hp

: SBRP195/55R15 Tires


: It is amongst the most comfortable car to drive in

: Lighting systems can have further improvement

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