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Police auctions are becoming more and more popular with buyers as more and more police departments hold them to get rid of seized and repossessed property.  Great bargains can be achieved at police auctions, but where does this seized property and vehicles sold in a police auction comes from?

Car auctions are one of the best ways for buyers to get a cheap vehicle.  Auto auctions give you the opportunity to bid for a car for any low price, even as low as $100.  Many people who would not normally be able to afford the cars that they are currently driving may just have picked up a great deal at a police auction.

How are Police Auctions done?

Almost every US state has’seizure laws’.  These laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property that was deployed by criminals during a crime or was bought with money that was obtained through illegal activities.  Every day thousands of autos, bikes, trucks, boats and the like become the property of the police, the US Government or banks.

Police are able to seize cars, trucks, boats, homes, and personal items including jewellery and clothing.  If the purchase of the merchandise can be traced back to the offender, it can be repossessed.  If the offender is convicted then all of this property will probably end up in a police auction.  Seizure laws is a helpful tool for law enforcement agencies, particularly against organized crime and drug dealers. Other items find their way to auction by honest citizens handing in things they found deserted.  If the rightful owner doesn’t show up to make a claim it in a certain period of time then it generally goes to auction.  Many of the autos at these auctions are luxury cars as many criminals like to have a lavish lifestyle.

Another way items end up at a police auction is when proof is collected when the police make an arrest.  Often law enforcement will arrest a thief or thieves who have warehouses where they store stolen product for later resale.  Once the particular police department accumulate enough items to warrant a sale then they will schedule an auction to clear all this stuff out.  It costs the police department money to hold and store these items and it makes more sense for them to auction them off for whatever they can get.

While every effort is formed to return this property to its rightful owners, there is always items left unclaimed.  Some vehicles that show up in police auctions are autos that have been towed by the police.  Some have been involved in an accident and need to be removed from the street and some are towed for illegal parking.  Some of these vehicles are never claimed.  After legal procedures to return these vehicles to their owners fail, the police may put them up for auction.

Every week many state and local police departments hold these police auctions.  Many people are unaware that these auctions are held, where and when.  Apart from the police department just wanting to get whatever they can for these seized items, low bidding competition is another reason why buyers should consider police auctions for purchases.  The items for sale and the low prices paid for them are surprising.

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