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How to Find Repossessed Cars in New York

There are several advantages to purchasing a repo automobile. Repossessed autos provide more bang for your budget by charging reduced costs for a slightly used’ new car. Remember, banks often seize a vehicle after 90 days, so we’re talking about new automobiles with minimal miles, clean interiors, and complete warranties.

Repo Car Auction

Buffalo Auctions for Bank Repossession Cars

Buffalo auctions for bank repossession cars are a great way to find excellent deals on quality used cars.  Many people don’t realize how many lending institutions will put vehicles up for auction after they have been repossessed  Some people are concerned that auction vehicles may not be of high enough quality, however with more bank… Read More »

Seized Car Auctions

Seized Cars Come From Where?

Police auctions are becoming more and more popular with buyers as more and more police departments hold them to get rid of seized and repossessed property.  Great bargains can be achieved at police auctions, but where does this seized property and vehicles sold in a police auction comes from? Car auctions are one of the… Read More »

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